5 Ways People Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

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There are more than a dozen standard uses for synthetic urine that range from incredibly practical to interestingly whimsical.

One of the most exciting things about fake urine is the wide variety of applications that folks have for the product. Some bring synthetic urine home for more silly uses like practical jokes, but there are some incredibly productive ways to use fake pee as well.

Some of the ways that people use synthetic urine might be surprising, but it is involved in the creation of products that we all use on a daily basis.

It can certainly be an interesting part of extracurricular activities, but we are here to tell you about some unbelievably cool ways to use synthetic pee.

What are the five best ways we found synthetic urine to be useful?

1. Testing Cleaning Product Capability


Cleaning products that advertise their ability to clean urine stains need a way to test their products and to show their cleaning skills to potential customers.

While it technically might be possible to collect a large amount of animal urine for testing purposes, it surely is not a pleasant thought.

With synthetic urine, you can thoroughly test cleaning products and display their abilities in front of potential customers without the health risks or the grossness.

Simply pour the fake pee on the carpet, use the cleaning product on it, and the evidence is there for how the product will clean actual urine.

2. Fake Urine is Used for Education


Because it has the same chemical makeup of the real thing, synthetic urine is the safe and sterile way in which educators have students learn and practice methods of testing urine.

Medical students or other researchers can use fake pee for learning to handle bodily fluids and simulate testing to get experience and results without the health risks.

Since testing urine is such a vital part of our medical diagnosis and care it could not be more critical. Urine tests monitor health and diet, detect illnesses and determine treatments.

Medical students and clinical researchers need a way to train on testing procedures and practice working with urine, and synthetic urine is the simplest way to create the experience of the real thing. So thank synthetic urine for our increased knowledge of the human body!

3. Calibrating Equipment Used for Testing Urine

Calibrating Equipment

One of the things that many likely do not know is that calibrating urine testing equipment needs to be done with fake urine to get correct results. It may sound counterintuitive at first, but human urine is actually not suitable for being used to calibrate the testing equipment because it is not consistent from sample to sample.

Human urine samples have a different make up each time due to differences in diet and individual body factors. To calibrate testing equipment, those doing the work need to test it on urine with the same chemical make up every time.

With fake pee, there is a consistent chemical makeup for each testing so that the equipment is correctly calibrated. Accurate calibration allows researchers to test urine for a wide variety of purposes that increase our knowledge of the human body. The scientific advances that are possible due to synthetic urine are truly fascinating.

4. Alternative Medicine and Cosmetology


While not recommended for internal uses, synthetic urine is a source for alternative medicine methods that involve urine. This makes fake pee an effective tool.

Due to its chemical consistency and identical chemical makeup to real urine, synthetic pee is the safest way to approach alternative medical techniques that use urine.

There are also many that use urine for cosmetology purposes that apply urine to the skin that can be done more safely using synthetic urine instead of actual urine. Actual urine may include many things that are not safe or a part of the essential chemical makeup of urine. That is why people use synthetic urine as a consistent and safe alternative.

5. Making Sure Diapers Work


No matter who you are, there was a time that you were in diapers (and some of us end up needing a second round later in life). Diapers are a huge part of our modern standards for sanitation and the advancements in the way that they work over the last few decades has been astounding.

Disposable diapers are now an affordable product, but how do they make sure that it can handle the scent and chemical nature of urine for product advancements?

Well, that is one more thing that synthetic urine provides a simple solution for in the modern world. It is much easier to test diapers, both baby, and adult, with synthetic urine safely and effectively.

Synthetic urine helps those testing the diaper products to know exactly how the materials will react to the exact chemicals that are in urine because synthetic urine is identical.

Since no one wants to collect a large amount of human urine and dump it on diapers all day, synthetic urine gives us a way to create better diapers without all the hassle.

So, Fake Pee Is Not as Weird as You Think

Look, there is no judgment here, everyone has their own path in life. Yes, you can use fake urine for everything from weird pranks to employment urine testing and we’re not going to judge. 

The point is, synthetic urine is not that weird. It is actually a super practical tool that we use as a society for a broad range of purposes.

Imagine all of the medical advancements that have been made possible due to the creation of fake pee! It is kind of mind-blowing when you ponder it for a bit.

Whether it is being used to help save lives, or simply being used to help us all avoid washing cloth diapers, it is certainly clear that practical uses for synthetic pee are everywhere.

So the next time you hear about that carpet cleaner that can take care of the toughest stains, including urine, you will know that synthetic pee has come to save the day again. Check out our products, such as the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Plus 6.2 and the Synthetic Urine Belt






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