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how do lab tests work

How Do Labs Drug Test?

Most of us are aware that many employers have mandatory drug testing, but what other situations is testing implemented in? How did mandatory drug testing come to pass? Who makes drug tests? What types of drug tests are there, and how do they work? Lab Drug Screening History   In 1971, President Richard Nixon instructed […]

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Goldenseal root

Goldenseal Detox Review

These days, many natural health practitioners and herbalists are promoting the use of goldenseal as a way to boost the immune system and improve overall health. The natural antibacterial properties in goldenseal make it a popular remedy for people suffering from respiratory ailments, skin conditions, and digestive complaints. Some of the areas people claim to […]

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Pectin powder in a small bowl

The Certo Review

Word on the street is there is a detoxing method that has a high pass rate, is called the Certo Method. Many people are looking for quick fixes to rid their bodies of lingering drug metabolites. Using fruit pectin to detox your body has potential but it’s not the best solution. The results can vary, […]

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woman looking frustrated at a specimen cup she need to fill up

Advance Detox Solutions Review

Excitement and enthusiasm hardly accompany an unexpected screening. Whether it’s for pre-employment, random testing, legal obligation, or whatever else might cause a urinalysis, you’re most likely not looking forward to handing over a pee-filled container. We understand the saying “if you have nothing to hide then there’s nothing to worry about.” However, since you’re reading […]

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Adult man with shaving foam on his face is going to shave his head

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Hair Follicles?

Recent years have seen a massive shift in how Americans, the medical establishment, and state governments view the use of marijuana. In spite of the federal government’s continued insistence upon keeping it illegal, nine states now allow legal recreational use. Twenty-nine additional states allow for medical marijuana use. And a handful more, while not outright […]

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Five Ways We Know Synthetic Urine Works

No lie “Fake Pee,” more nicely known as synthetic urine, is a real thing and could not have come at a better time. What an option, to be able to use a product that can help you be screened for any urinalysis because there are no contaminants to be detected. If you are “iffy” as […]

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