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Facts About Urine Testing You Need To Know

A drug screening can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you don’t have a basic knowledge of urine drug test facts. But even if you’re guilty of nothing, you’re still asking the question: Wait, did I eat a poppy-seed muffin this morning? More on that later.   We’ve all been there: you’re about to start […]

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5 Ways People Keep Failing a Urine Test

You find a job you want and nervously submit your application. You wait with anticipation until you hear back: you got an interview. Awesome! Everything’s going great, and even better once you have a successful interview and get the call to tell you that you got the job. But what’s next? Ah, the urinalysis. Now […]

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How to Keep Your Synthetic Urine Warm

If you are reading this, you already know what synthetic urine is and why you would use it. But let’s answer the question at hand. Maybe not the most pleasant subject, but someone has got to talk about it. So, here it is. Pee is warm when it is excreted (duh) and sometimes situations arise […]

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Nine Accidental Ways You Can Fail a Urine Test.

Nine Accidental Ways You Can Fail a Urine Test. Whether you’re hoping to land a temporary job for the holiday season or seeking a full-tilt career change encompassing high-security urine test protocols, the odds are good that you’re going to be asked to provide a urine specimen during the pre-hiring phase. In today’s competitive market where top talent […]

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