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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

Do you need clean urine because you have an interview scheduled where nicotine testing is a prerequisite before you can be hired? Are you an athlete where your urine is routinely tested, or are you under a restrictive, punitive action? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, Quick Fix Synthetic is the solution for you.

Interviews and tests can be nerve-racking enough without having to think of urine screenings. On the chance that you know about a urinalysis ahead of time, you might be spending all of your time thinking about how it will impact your interview; and whether or not it will affect your chance of employment. Not to fear, Quick Fix Synthetic can help calm all of those fears.

What is Quick Fix Synthetic?

You may be wondering how you can circumvent those tests because you know that your own urine is ‘tainted’; Well, synthetic urine is the best option on the market to ensure you have positive results from a urine test.

But what exactly is synthetic urine? Quick Fix synthetic urine is a substance that is artificially synthesized in a lab; Chemists work on the pH levels, creatinine level, etc. for it to be like human urine.

How can you guarantee its results? Synthetic Urine is lab created and guaranteed to give you the results you need. To date, Quick Fix has a 100% success rate with its customers. If you are wondering where to purchase synthetic urine because you may be wary of scams or a faulty product, then you should buy Quick Fix.

Is it Expensive?

Quick Fix is a very affordable option for people who may feel that their options are limited when it comes to a passable urine screening. Prices range from $21.99 for a single vial to $150 for a ten-vial shipment, giving you a savings of over $70 if you buy in bulk. And while our competitor’s product’s shelf life is typically around a year, Quick Fix customers will be happy to know that our synthetic urine has a shelf life of two years. So if you decide to buy in bulk, rest easy that your investment will not go to waste. Compared with other synthetic urine sellers, these prices are very competitive. In this economy you cannot afford to lose your income stream over tainted urine; the small investment you make to buy Quick Fix will pay you back over and over again with successful urine screenings.

Even Nicotine can Affect Your Employment

Currently, most employers, athletic programs, and other organizations have strict regulations on drug use, even nicotine levels. It is obvious that employers would have a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use; however, sometimes people are confused as to why nicotine is on the list of things they have to worry about. And the truth is, whether you are vaping, chewing nicotine gum, or smoking cigarettes, nicotine is used by many employers to determine your health insurance coverage.

Finding nicotine or its metabolized by-product cotinine in your urine can prove very costly if it increases your insurance costs. If employers and health insurance find nicotine in your system, it will directly affect how much you pay for health care as nicotine can affect your health.

If you are an athlete, finding nicotine and cotinine levels in a urinalysis can be detrimental to your playing time; You definitely don’t want to miss playing in the game because you are being considered unhealthy or “ unfit” to play. Urinalysis provides accurate results for detecting even low amounts of nicotine and cotinine, the reason why most employers and athletic directors decide to do urine screenings. You might ask yourself: “How long does nicotine stay in your system.” Well, that depends on whether you use nicotine frequently or infrequently. If it is infrequent, nicotine and cotinine are only detectable for about four days. However, if you use nicotine frequently, it can show up in your system for almost three weeks.  

Before you Buy

Before you buy, you need to know some simple rules about Quick Fix Synthetic to make the experience as successful as it can be. First, it has to be warm when tested and keep a temperature of about 98 degrees. The concern you may have is: “ How can you get the synthetic urine to body temperature.” Simple, just microwave the synthetic urine for about ten (10) seconds or until it reaches 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit and tape the bottle to a warm part of your body (the thigh area is a good place) in order to maintain the heat level. Check out our blog article for complete instructions.

Buy Quick Fix 6.2, and we will provide you a heating pad to even the temperature of the synthetic urine drops. Second, make sure to store Quick Fix at room temperature, preferably in a place not subject to extreme temperature changes. Extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight can affect the pH levels.

Great Product, Great Results

Quick Fix Fake Urine Package Sample

Quick Fix is not detectable in any tests and will give you peace of mind. The great thing about this product is that it is lab-simulated to mimic the biological structure of

natural urine. The ph level of Quick fix is on par with your own urine from your own body. It also has the necessary amount of creatinine and its specific gravity.

Again, if you are concerned that this brand of synthetic urine will not work, take comfort in knowing that Quick Fix has a 100% money back guarantee. So, if you were apprehensive before, now you should know that we have complete faith in our synthetic urine. All the more reason for you to buy Quick Fix!

We offer discreet shipping as well. So call 1-866-420-4574, and a skilled representative will assist you with your order. If you find yourself “google-ing” questions like: “how long does nicotine stay in your system?”, “what drugs show up in your urine?” Or “What happens if you don’t pass a urine screening,” chances are you really need this product. Don’t waste another day worried about urinalysis screenings and employment. With Quick Fix Synthetic, all those troubles can be over!


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