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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Are you feeling the heat? Do you have a surprise urine test coming up and you need to have good results? You aren’t the first person to go through this, and you won’t be the last. Unexpected urine tests are the worst, but everyone has a real life, and there are times when your real life may leave toxins in your bloodstream. These toxins aren’t always removed from your body as fast as you would like them too. Next thing you know, boom, a surprise urinalysis and you know good and well that you may not get the results you need. Well, now you have a way to even the odds. Take a deep breath and relax. Quick Fix urine is your answer!

You know you have been there. The pressure is on; the test is tomorrow, and you know you can not pass it on your own. That’s okay! Everybody needs a little help from their friends, and if you buy synthetic urine, Quick Fix urine is your best friend!  If you don’t know anything about fake urine, it’s time for you to make a new friend. Learning what synthetic urine is and how easy it is to use, and should help decrease the anxiety you may be feeling right now. Below you are going to learn what fake pee is, why it was made, and how to use it. Ready to decrease your fear? Let’s talk for a minute.

What is Synthetic Urine?

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Maybe you haven’t heard of synthetic urine. Well, here is everything you need to know. Most importantly, Quick Fix urine has a one hundred percent pass rate, and comes with a money back guarantee! Right off the bat, you know you have nothing to lose with synthetic urine. What you do have to lose is everything else if you don’t pass that test.

Synthetic urine is made to be a copy for urine and was initially created to be used to calibrate urine test strips. It has the same chemical make-up as urine and the same color. The only thing it is missing is human DNA and any toxins that normal urine would have if the person had toxins in their bloodstream. Synthetic urine is balanced for the specific gravity and pH of real urine, which is something that is looked for when evaluating a urine sample during a urine test. It also has the same amount of ammonia in it that human urine does, which gives it that wonderful urine smell without it being over the top.

How to Use Fake Pee

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There is no guessing game when you buy clean urine for sale. As with most brands, (hopefully), Quick Fix urine comes with complete and easy instructions on how to use the product. It also comes with everything you need to get the results you need as well as increase your confidence that your test will give you the results you need. And best of all, our instructions are simple. You simply heat up the synthetic urine in your microwave at home, then you strap the bottle close to your body to maintain the heat. Each bottle comes with a temperature gauge, so you know you’re at body temperature at all times. If you store the bottle on your body, it will maintain that temperature for an average of six hours. We even have a way to make carrying it on your body simple with our Synthetic Urine Strap.

All you need to do now is confidently drive to the testing site. When you arrive to take your test, just pour the Quick Fix urine into the test cup, and gently shake it up to add some of those fresh urine bubbles to make it look even better in the container. If it is the correct temperature, which it should be if you follow the directions, smells like real urine, which it will, and looks like real urine, you will be in good shape. Again, since you decided to buy synthetic urine, you can leave knowing with certainty that you have passed the test!

Quick Fix Urine Your Best Bet

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Most importantly, Quick Fix urine has a one hundred percent pass rate, and comes with a money back guarantee! Right off the bat, you know you have nothing to lose with synthetic urine. What you do have to lose is everything else if you don’t pass that test. You don’t need to be concerned that the heat will know you have ordered synthetic urine. When you buy synthetic urine, discretion is the key. Every urine kit comes in a completely unmarked box. The shipping label is not marked from Quick Fix urine or anything related.

The best part? Quick fix urine has the lowest prices on the internet. You receive plenty of synthetic urine, and the heating pad and temperature gauge are included with every order. The synthetic urine strap is available to order as well if you want it.  When you buy synthetic urine, we ship it the very same day. Rush overnight delivery is an option for emergencies. Also, any orders over $100 get free shipping. Payment is simple because we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Don’t let living your life be the reason why your life or livelihood gets threatened. Our lives are the only thing that are truly ours, and they are already hard enough to live, much less have to be worried about because of urine tests. There is no reason for the possibility of toxins in your urine to be the cause of negative life changes. Learn what you can about synthetic urine. Check out our blog. Getting the information will ease your mind and let you know that you do have a friend in Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

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