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(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

It’s no secret that synthetic urine has been helping people pass screenings of all types for decades. And of course, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the ultimate brand to purchase if you want a passing result. Their unique composition is a clone to our body’s natural secretions, and genius chemists copy the chemicals’ natural composure. Quick Fix has a reputation for their low-profile packaging that ensures that you’re secret is safe. Their product is guaranteed to work, or you get a total refund. So, how do you get your hands on this liquid gold in case of urine collection? Stay with us to find out.

Why Buy Synthetic?

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People use synthetic urine for multiple reasons. One example of its many uses is for a prank or theatrical use. However, most people use it to pass a nicotine test when you know that there is a possibility that you will not be able to when using your urine. There are multiple products on the market that claim to detox the toxins out of your body before the screening. However, some may not react to your specific body composition. When you buy synthetic urine or more specifically Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, it is sent to you in a discreet package and appears on your statement under a discreet name. That provides you with complete secrecy. Our company sells Synthetic Urine as a novelty item only to keep everyone in check. It is NOT intended for use in pre-employment drug testing or any other unlawful acts.

Using Synthetic Urine and Urine Collection

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When you buy synthetic urine, you need to read and follow all directions so that the urine will test correctly. Formula 5.7-1 Synthetic Urine has all the same properties of the human urine. It has the correct pH level, specific gravity, and the right amount of creatinine. To get the synthetic urine to normal body temperature, you can place it in the microwave for about ten seconds. That will get the synthetic urine to around ninety to one hundred degrees. If the temperature decreases before the urine is ready to be tested, it can be re-heated with the heating pad that is included with it when you buy synthetic urine. When you purchase synthetic urine, you will also receive a temperature strip with it to monitor the temperature of the synthetic urine. You can maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine by placing the container next to the skin on the warmest part of your body.

What If It Fails?

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After you buy synthetic urine and have the tests done, if the synthetic urine causes a failure of the tests, then Spectrum Labs offers a one hundred percent money back guarantee. In the highly unlikely case that the synthetic urine fails the test, you will need to have your receipt, UPC, proof of purchase and the negative test results to receive a refund.

Legal Disclaimer

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When you have a pre-employment drug screening, it is not permissible to buy synthetic urine to use for the test. We sell synthetic urine as a novelty item with respect to all US laws. Our product is not intended for use during any testing designed to detect illegal drugs in a users system.

Maintaining Temperature

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine only mimics human urine. It is synthetic urine and needs to be at the right temperature before testing. Buy your synthetic urine, pour it in a cup and heat in the microwave to the right temperature. Put the urine back into the bottle and shake it well. Strap the fake urine bottle and heating source to a warm part of your body to maintain the temperature. If the urine temp or temp strip drops in temperature, there is a heating pad included that you will be able to use to get the temperature back where it needs to be.

Don’t Be Fooled

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Many companies are not legitimately out to help you and are doing nothing but chasing that dollar sign. They will mimic other companies such as Quick Fix with their synthetic urine product only for you to purchase it and end up in an embarrassing situation when it doesn’t work. Luckily for you, Quick Fix addresses and combats the counterfeit piss problem by designing a specific packaging that’s easy to recognize as their unique product. When you purchase Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, get it from the source. Second-hand online retailers such as eBay don’t have access to our products unless you are purchasing it from someone who has bought it from us.

If you aren’t buying your urine from us (why wouldn’t you), you should research the company you are purchasing from to be sure you are getting the best product available to you. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine unlike many has a one hundred percent success rate and full money back guarantee, and this is what you should look for when you buy synthetic urine. When you purchase synthetic piss, you should only use it with at home tests, so you are not doing anything that is illegal.

How To Buy Quick Fix

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We make purchasing a quick fix as simple as ever. Just a reminder, buy our product directly from the source and look for our specific packaging before you end up humiliated. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is available in single packaging if you only expect to be screened once. Or, we also offer bundle packs in case of emergency when a random test occurs. If that is the case, we do recommend buying in bulk to avoid them catching you off guard. We offer fast shipping, but we’re not wizards.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the number one retailer in the fake piss business. The reason why is evident as we offer competitively low prices for our products as well as a full refund on the infrequent occasion that our unique chemical makeup fails. Don’t fall victim to the false advertisements of other companies and different products, buy Quick Fix Plus 6.2 today and save yourself from looking like a tomato.

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