Different uses for synthetic urine

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What Is Synthetic Urine Used For?

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So, we all know that there can be different uses for synthetic urine, with the most common practice being a pre-employment nicotine test. You most likely read about synthetic piss, or should I say fake pee, quite a bit. Of course, there are the obvious ones, but there is a whole wide world of fake pee applications out there.

I bet that is not a sentence you were planning on reading today! Synthetic urine can be used in medical testing, cleaning companies, skincare companies, and many others. We are going to jump into a few of these now, and they might surprise you.

Laboratory Uses

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We can all remember that time in college where we smoked a fat cigar we stole from our dad and then remembered, “Oh shit, my drug test!” Synthetic urine is mainly used in a urine screening if the donor is worried that something might pop up in those results that they do not want, particularly in the legal system or workplace.

Many people have jobs that regularly require screening, and it can be scary to risk losing a job for recreational use or even medicinal use of a drug. Well, not to scare anyone, because obviously, it works for that.

I wanted to touch on a few other applications for Quick Fix. One of the most popular uses for the synthetic pee is calibration. If you are a company who has to perform thousands of urinalysis yearly, you have to be 100% sure your equipment is calibrated and working correctly.

Well-known labs such as LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, believe it or not, buy the fake pee to make sure their machines are working correctly.

Novelty Urine

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Another great addition to synthetic urine is novelty use, and yes, there are, believe it or not, some people out there that love to get peed on and even to urinate on their partner. Quick Fix Plus 6.2 is by far the most recommended synthetic to use when playing around in the bedroom.

The reason we say go with the Quick Fix is that the biocide it is made with really works as a buffer to ensure no bacteria will develop in the pee. So what does this mean to your partner? Well, great question. In a nutshell, it means no one gets sick or develops conjunctivitis after your kinky encounter.

As consenting adults, it is imperative you take steps to make sure you and your partner are safe and healthy. One thing can be sure: From the medical field to the cosmetic field to the bedroom, there are so many surprising applications for this product.

Other Uses

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Synthetic piss can be used by cleaning agent companies to test how well their product works at removing human waste stains. It is also a reasonably strong bug and pest repellant. You may have heard of people using fox urine to keep bunnies out of a garden.

The same thought process is behind using synthetic human urine. Diaper companies use this product to test how well their product holds up to human urine. Strangely enough, some people even use urea from synthetic urine on their skin. Urea can help plump and moisten skin. It is also considered a little-known beauty secret: It supports other skin care products to penetrate into the skin, and it helps to exfoliate gently.

Final Thoughts

You are most likely are looking into novelty synthetic urine for a urinalysis, but do not forget other great uses. So, next time you and your friends are around the campfire smoking a joint and your buddy starts tripping out, bring up the old fake pee and see what other ideas they have! Or leave a funny comment on our new YouTube video and show your synthetic urine praise.

Whether you need fake urine for screening or a prank, one thing is always true: You need to be sure to purchase from a reputable source. Failing to do so could result in fake urine that does not pass the initial screening, does not behave the same way as actual human urine, and leads to inconclusive results.

With literally a thousand and one uses for human-made urine, it strikes me as comical that people always think drug test. While yes, that is probably the most popular use, it really can be used for different situations like mentioned above.






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