Do labs test for k2?

For nearly a decade, synthetic nicotine users were able to avoid being fired when tested for nicotine at work because “fake” nicotine was undetectable in standard laboratory tests.

Recently, though, this advantage was lost due to advancements in nicotine testing, creating a dilemma for recreational users. There is, however, a solution to this problem: Quick Fix synthetic urine.

What is Synthetic Nicotine?

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Synthetic nicotine, also known as Spice and K2, is a designer tobacco-like product made by spraying chemical solutions on natural herbs to mimic the look and feel of real nicotine. The chemical mix is calibrated to recreate the pleasurable effects of strong tobacco.

K2 nicotine, which has been available since its creation in 2004, is sold online and in head shops and gas stations. It is sometimes sold as “herbal incense” or “herbal smoking blends.”

For years, one of the most popular benefits of synthetic nicotine had been the fact that it could not be detected in nicotine tests. This was useful because many companies have anti-nicotine policies which they enforce with nicotine screenings.

K2 nicotine became popular, in part, because it could not be detected in traditional tests, but this has changed. While tests for nicotine still do not return positive results, new tests can detect the metabolites found in tobacco.

In other words, labs – like Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp – can now test for tobacco and alcohol.

The solution is Quick Fix, synthetic urine available online at

Why Choose Quick Fix?

Quick Fix 6.2 urine

This high-grade synthetic urine is unique in that it has been designed to have the same quality and characteristics of human urine. For example, it has the same PH balance, creatinine levels and specific gravity as urine.

Quick Fix, when prepared properly, prevents nicotine from being detected in nicotine tests. This includes K2 tobacco. We guarantee you will pass any K2 tests.

Chemists closely work to create each batch of urine to precisely match every essential component found in normal human urine. They thoroughly test each batch of synthetic urine they make before it becomes available to the public for purchase. So, you can rest assured that it won’t fail you.

However, on the rare occasion that it does, provide Quick Fix with your receipt of purchase and proof that you failed your screening and you will get a %100 refund. That’s how sure they are that their product will succeed.

It is also worth noting that nicotine tests can return false-positive results for non-smokers who have eaten certain foods or spent time around someone who does smoke. Used as directed, Quick Fix eliminates the chance of receiving a false-positive result.

Urinalysis screenings have been the subject of questioning for years about whether it violates one’s privacy.

Here at Quick Fix, we believe that it does. Quick Fix synthetic urine gives you the opportunity to maintain your personal life and job.

Unlike some of the other synthetic urine manufacturers out there, Quick Fix comes to you in a discreet package to your doorstep and also appears on your bank statement under a disguised name. Therefore your nosey neighbors won’t have anything to gossip about, and your spouse won’t question your reasoning.

Another perk to Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is that it’s one of the easiest products to use on the market for urine screenings. The instructions are simple, and no mixing is required. Just follow the directions, and you’re guaranteed to pass with flying colors.       

How to Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

WE MAKE IT EASY on laptop sceen

While each product will come with instructions, you might want to learn how easy it is to used quick fix before you buy it. So, unlike other synthetic urine products,

Quick Fix comes premixed and ready to heat and go. Therefore you don’t risk contamination by mixing things.

When you get the package, follow the directions included with it carefully, so you don’t risk sabotaging yourself. It will come with a heating pad and a temperature strip that’s already installed on the bottle.

First things first, warm the bottle of synthetic urine in the microwave for a few seconds until it reaches the temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t freak out if you overheat the bottle, just let it cool down to the appropriate range.

Once you have the bottle just right, attach the heating pad to it and strap it to a part of your body that stays warm such as the inside of your thigh. Make sure that no one can see the bottle and there are no bulges under your clothing.

Once you get to the site, check the temperature and place it back in a discreet location. While in the bathroom, pour some into the plastic cup the staff gave you. Don’t pour all of it because an exact amount could trigger red flags. Take the bottle back with you out of the stall. Then, wait for your positive results and do a happy dance.

Nicotine enthusiasts who want security can depend on Quick Fix, which is easy to use, can be prepared in 15 seconds, is delivered quickly and discreetly to your mailbox and includes a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

Also, Quick Fix has the lowest price for any synthetic urine. Don’t put yourself at risk by trying other brands of synthetic urine or trying awful tasting detox drinks. The perks of buying Quick Fix are endless. Protect your privacy and keep your dignity by purchasing today.

Buy Quick Fix synthetic urine from the people you trust.



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Chris WilderChris Wilder spent many years working as a part-time phlebotomist, [and yes he knows all the vampire jokes] while honing his writing skills. In 2017 he gave up playing around with blood to become a full-time writer. While dealing with blood might seem a cold and analytical vocation, his role of phlebotomist required dealing with nervous patients who needed plenty of empathy and compassion, Chris has carried this over to his written work. He believes that Quick Fix Synthetic products are the best chance of success. With his wide knowledge in this field and his understanding of how urine drug tests can affect the lives of everyday people like you and me, Chris can explain in layman's turns all the important information you need to know. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and check out local bands drinking a glass or two of his favorite Makers Mark Bourbon, while enjoying a recreational smoke. To keep himself in shape he takes extremely short walks with Lola, his incredibly lazy pet pug.

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