Fake pee to pass your urine test guaranteed!

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Fake pee to pass a nicotine test has become ever more popular as Americans struggle to pass their test! Does fake pee work every time to pass a nicotine test? The answer is simple absolutely! There are many brands of fake pee on the market these days which can sometimes be confusing. The most popular well-rounded brand on the market today is that of Spectrum Labs maker of the well-branded Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

What is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a quality fake pee used to protect your privacy with urinalysis screenings. What you do in your spare time is no one else’s business, and you shouldn’t have to disclose that information either. It’s design precisely matches normal human urine. It contains all the necessary ingredients such as creatine, pH levels, and uric acid. The chemists test each batch they make to ensure it will produce passing results every time.

Why Quick Fix Is The Leading Brand

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Quick fix fake pee is a Laboratory grade urine manufactured by spectrum labs in Cincinnati Ohio and supplied to many smoke shops worldwide. Other bootleg brands on the market today include ultra-clean urine, magnum synthetic urine and monkey business synthetic urine which all will not work! These companies who claim to have the real stuff have attempted to copy spectrum labs patented formula trying to gain market share not knowing they are ruining peoples lives after they fail using their products.

If you need to be sure when the ever so important nicotine screen comes up you must go with the fake pee that is guaranteed to work. Quick fix fake pee is the only synthetic urine available in the US that comes with a 200% money back guarantee; these kits do not fail.

Have you ever wondered why every forum you jump on or keyword you google in correspondence to fake pee pulls up articles about quick fix synthetic urine? The answer is displayed through millions of Happy Quick Fix customers who are not afraid to share their experience and prove the stuff is merely foolproof.

Buying Quick Fix

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Quick fix 6.2 fake pee is now available in two sizes for your convenience a small 2oz bottle and the new quick fix plus that has three ounces which have gained popularity for regular fake pee users. Quick fix fake pee comes factory direct with a complete kit that’s ready to pour and go. That’s right, no mixing required and no chance of contamination either.

Quick Fix will come to.you in a discreet package and appear on your bank statement under a disguise name. So, you won’t be giving your neighbors anything to gossip about, and your spouse won’t freak out about your need for the fake pee. Beware of buying Quick Fix from second-hand websites. Many companies match a faulty product under the Quick Fix brand. To ensure you get what you intend to buy, only purchase Quick Fix from the product website. When it comes to fake pee to pass your next test look no further quick fix phony pee is the only guarantee you can genuinely trust.

How To Use Quick Fix

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Quick Fix synthetic urine comes with a heating pad and a temperature strip attached to the bottle. If you have access to a microwave, warm the bottle of fake pee for about 10 seconds. If you don’t, then place the heating pad around the bottle until the temperature rises to meet the range of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. After it reaches the correct temperature, place the container with the heating pad and store it in a place on your body that retains heat such as the inside of your thigh or under your breast.

Once you arrive at the testing facility, check the temperature to ensure it’s within the correct range. If it is, then reattach the bottle where the staff can’t see it and proceed into the building. If it has lost a few degrees, let it heat up with the heating pad. If your sample is not within the correct temperature, they will make you retake the test. If they do, you will most likely fail because well, if you need fake urine to pass it, we’ll assume that you have something that might cause you to fail the test.

Remember not to stick the bottle in your purse or pocket because they will check your pockets and you won’t be allowed to take anything with you into the restroom.

Once you make it into the stall, pour the contents of the bottle into the plastic cup. However, you don’t want to pour the entire amount because an exact number could indicate that you’re cheating. Even though you are, you don’t want them to know of course. Make sure that you pee a little in the toilet. They will be checking for evidence that you used the bathroom. Reattach the bottle to the discreet location on your body. Don’t leave it in the stall. They will be checking to see if you left anything behind.

Like Magic

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After the test, wait for the positive results to come through like magic. If you fail, which is highly unlikely, provide proof of the test results and purchase, and you’ll receive a full refund. But, you won’t be needing that because your experience will become yet another success story for Quick Fix.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic urine is the number one brand on the market for a fake pee. What you do in your spare time is your business, and no one else should have to know. Our fake pee is formulated to match human urine with all the natural ingredients precisely, and is tested in the lab before it ever hits the market for you to purchase. It works for men and women. There are multiple buying options to meet various needs and circumstances that customers like you might face. We understand your needs, and that’s why Quick Fix is the best. Order yours and find out why everyone is raving.


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