Fake piss for a urine test

Submitting a sample of your urine for something as trivial as insurance is sometimes demeaning for most of us and arguably, it trespasses on our medical privacy. Also, if you need to mask your genetic history or you just experience a shy bladder. Well fear no more as fake piss is here to drain your worries away.

Fake piss is basically an ingenious concoction carefully engineered to contain all of the properties of your urine except that it contains no nicotine contents you might be using like nicotine, and alcohol. Moreover, fake piss will conveniently mask any potential medical conditions you might have that you do not want to disclose.

A perfect and flawless example is the newest formulae in the market- the Quick Fix Urine kit that is pre-tested before it is packaged to guarantee success when used. Nonetheless, the urine kit can be used by both men and women and contains every essential element found in real piss that will aid you in escaping genetic profiling. The practical uses of fake piss are not only confined to drug tests and they range from pranks, scientific experiments, fetishes and much more.

Now you know what fake piss is and how reliable it can be, using it is quite simple. It is quite simple really. After obtaining your Quick Fix Fake piss, you will find a temperature strip and heating pad that are used to keep it at optimum body temperature. Since laboratory guidelines specify only two ounces for testing, the fake piss is exactly that amount.

At the testing facility, all you have to do is pour the fake piss into the urine cup. You have to be careful that the sample is at 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit (35 to 38 Degrees Celsius). This can be achieved by using the heater pad provided approximately one hour before the test.

Alternatively, you can strap it to the bottle of fake piss to keep it warm for up to six hours if you are carrying it around. A hand warmer can also come in handy when keeping the fake piss warm.
It is recommended that you shake the contents of the bottle well before and after heating to avoid settling from taking place. Fake piss can be reheated numerous times and the chemical composition will still remain the same. Speaking of its reliability and durability, Quick Fix Urine has a shelf life of two years so you do not have to worry about those random tests by having your own personal stock of fake piss.

However, there are numerous other ways out there suggested on how you can pass a at home test. For instance, one can borrow piss from a friend or colleague whose system is presumably ‘clean’ of any nicotine or any medical abnormally that may trigger the screening process to show positive. The piss is then strapped to your thigh in a condom to keep it at body temperature. One will have to carry a tack to the testing to prick it. On the downside, it can go horribly wrong when the condom bursts. Then again, the ‘donor’ of your pee may not be necessarily clean from drugs or disease pathogens as expected and the test will come out positive.

Another way of beating a drug test is detoxification. Here, one drinks a lot of water 4-6 hours prior to the test to wash out all the drug substances in the body. The drawback to this remedy is that the urine sample produced will be watery and pee samples are often rejected based on its color alone. One may also be advised to use vinegar or Visine but they have proved futile in the past.

Alternatively there are numerous detoxifying products in the market that substitute fake piss. But, the chances of failure for this method are very high since you may not wash out all the toxins before the drug test. Also, the testing lab may identify the detoxifying agent in the examination process.

From the above observations, it is undeniable that fake piss is the unbeatable and reliable option whenever you want to beat a nicotine test. Besides, given its foolproof property, fake piss is available at rock bottom prices compared to other methods in the market today. So if you want to get value for your money, experience the magic of fake piss by trying a sample of Quick Fix Urine today and hammer that test clean.

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