Fake piss to pass a urine screening.

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

Fake Piss To Pass a Urine Screening?


By no stretch of the imagination a new phenomenon, the acquisition of fake piss has long been evidenced. Acquired for the first time by Wo Hler in 1828, fake piss has had various uses since its inception. Today’s usage varies with its need. For instance, nicotine laboratories are known for using fake piss as a way of testing the accuracy of a drug test administered with fake piss in order to compare the given results with the results of test takers as way of weeding out those who are using fake piss as a quick fix to passing their nicotine test. While there is no completely accurate nicotine test which is used in determining whether or not a person has used fake piss, there is a quick fix for the fake piss user.

Aptly named, quick fix is the fake piss of choice for the synthetic urine user who absolutely cannot afford to not pass their test. Available in a 2 ounce size as well as the 3 ounce version, quick fix is the only synthetic formula which is so confident in delivering the desired results that it comes with a 200% money back refund if the drug test is not satisfactorily passed.

Chemically generated to simulate urine, quick fix is formulated in a way that virtually guarantees success in passing your test when used correctly. A combination of all of the natural ingredients found in urine creates a PH balanced supplement for your nicotine test usage. Creatinine and gravity are specifically tailored for successful use, making this product the ideal choice for the individual in desperate need of a successful test result. Quick fix is unisex in nature allowing for both male and female users to equally enjoy the benefits this product will bring you in privacy.

Your quick fix 6.2 plus bottle comes in a 2 ounce size, unless you have opted for the larger size, equipped with a heating pad which will maintain your fake piss at an optimal body temperature, which is somewhere between 94 and 100 degrees. A temperature gauge is affixed to ensure no mistakes are made while heating and maintaining the prime temperature range. There is no limit to how many times you may reheat the solution. Check out our collection of products if you wish to purchase an additional urine warmer.

A minimum of one hour before your test, shake and microwave the solution bottle for no more than 10 seconds. After heating, securely close the lid of the solution and shake the bottle effectively mixing your solution. If your temperature strip does not read at least 94 degrees, heat your solution for a few additional seconds. Any reading above 100 degrees will require sufficient time to cool until the desired temperature range is attained. When your solution bottle is obviously warm but no temperature reading is visible, your solution is too warm. Allow it to cool off.

Once your prime temperature is reached, secure the hand warmer to the bottle to sustain body temperature until it is time for your testing. Safe on the inside of your pocket, the solution will be able to maintain its proper heating range for up to 6 hours.

When administered your drug test simply check your fake piss verifying that the temperature of the synthetic solution lies between the correct range of body temperature, which is anywhere from 94 to 100 degrees. When pouring the solution in your urine cup, you must be sure not to use all of your solution as doing so would be a dead give away, due to its precise amount. Upon your completion of these few simple steps your drug test has successfully been passed.


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