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Female synthetic urine is in big demand With nicotine testing being a common practice touching all races and genders throughout the U.S. With synthetic urine sales on the rise many manufacturers had to be prepared to help both sexes as the demand increased.The most popular fake pee on the market is still Quick Fix urine,Spectrum Labs maker of the famous urine blend has balanced the kit to provide use for both male and female of all ages to experience true success.

Quick Fix 5.7 is a patented fake piss that boast reviews across the web of its precise formula and it’s ability to work and yes everytime it’s used as a female or male urine kit. One of the best things about the urine is that is can be heated and cooled down as many times as needed with out compromising the validity of the urine. When Quick Fix 5.7-1 is purchased it is usually in ones best interest to give it a practice run to see the temperature register on the temp strip so you can actually understand how the urine kit works.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix synthetic urine is correctly formulated with the following human body characteristics creatine,uric acid,specific gravity,ph balance,proteins.color and smell.When using a fake urine kit in a laboratory setting you must be choosy and understand not all urine on the Internet or in the local head shop carry a synthetic formula that will work for female use so make sure the box reads quick Fix urine and be sure to confirm your batch number after you open your product by calling the direct line 1-866-420-4574.

Synthetic Batch numbers are a validation code which is applied to the instruction portion of every unit to ensure you do not get a bootleg sample or possibly come across a out dated version.Spectrum’s  pee is the only urine that offers a long 2 year shelf life when stored out of direct sunlight and a comfortable room temp.With ever changing drug screen techniques and standards it is important to go with a company that offers something for both sides of the nicotine test forum. No matter your situation age gender the professional toxicology professionals at Urineluck have proven their selves over and over again by providing a female synthetic urine that really works!

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