five ways we know synthetic urine works

Five Ways We Know Synthetic Urine Works

No lie “Fake Pee,” more nicely known as synthetic urine, is a real thing and could not have come at a better time. What an option, to be able to use a product that can help you be screened for any urinalysis because there are no contaminants to be detected.

If you are “iffy” as to if “fake pee” works, you have come to the right place to find out more. Let’s talk about “why” synthetic urine will work for you if you need it.

1) It was Created to Calibrate Urine Test Strips


So, what is “fake urine” and why does it exist? Synthetic urine was initially made for one purpose, to calibrate urine drug strips. Because of this, the fake urine needed to match regular urine to a tee.

If it had to match real urine perfectly then, it would most likely pass as real urine. Get it?

Human urine has certain chemicals in it: Uric acid, Urea, Nitrates, and Creatinine. High-quality synthetic urine should as well. It should have a PH level of 4.8 to 8, and when used as the chosen specimen for a test, it should be at a temperature of 90 to 100 degrees F (32 to 36 degrees C). It should also have a specific gravity of 1.010 – 1.030.

Before we move further, let’s look at some different ways that people use synthetic urine that could help us to conclude that synthetic urine is the best replacement for human urine.

But there are other ways things that people use synthetic urine that could help us to conclude that synthetic urine may be right for you. Synthetic even smells like the real deal.

2) Animal Repellent


According to an article written in Off The Grid News and I quote, “Rabbits, deer, groundhogs, and skunks dislike the smell of human urine and tend to stay away from it.”

It has been found that synthetic human and animal urine products are quite popular with hunters. If an animal believes synthetic urine is real, we can conclude that it works as it should.

3) Diaper Testing


The advent of disposable diapers caused a need to be able to test the durability of the diapers so that the companies could prove that their diapers were the “best.”

Most mothers and healthcare agencies that use disposable diapers want diapers that won’t leak and that will not react with urine in a way that could cause problems with the wearer’s skin. Synthetic urine works very well to test baby diapers as well as adult incontinence products.

4) Testing Cleaning Agents


When someone wants to sell you a product that can clean urine smells and stains out of your carpet or from your furniture, they have to prove that their cleaning product will do the job.

Carrying around a container of real urine would most likely stop the sale before the product test could start. But using synthetic urine gives them the ability to showcase their product without adding someone else’s DNA, potential germs or diseases, or toxins into your household.

The use of synthetic urine for such tests not only proves the efficiency of the product, and it answers the question, does synthetic urine work, yes.

5) Educational Settings


Synthetic urine is useful for students in the medical field learning to conduct tests and experiments where real urine would usually be used.

Really, what else would they possibly use? As students, it is crucial that they learn the theory and the how to’s of testing urine. For these purposes, synthetic urine works well and, again, is better for health and hygiene in the educational setting.

OK, should you go for it?

Can you pass a urinalysis using synthetic urine? Yes, after all, that’s what it was created for, to mimic human urine. Will any test out there work?

Well, let’s get to that in a minute. What about user error? Possible but not necessary if you keep reading.

It is essential to do a few things before you decide to use synthetic urine. Understand that if you are caught attempting to “cheat” the testing labs, for whatever reason, it could negatively change your life. With this in mind:

Do your research. You wouldn’t be here now if you weren’t looking for info. But it is also important to research the fake pee products that are on the market. Make sure you are getting a product that is made correctly and not a cheap knockoff.

Human urine is warm when it leaves that body. Cold urine will not pass a test that is expecting fresh pee. The very first thing the lab technician will look at is the temperature, and yes, there are thermometer strips right on the collection cup.

A cool cup of urine, less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit is going to get flagged. If you don’t want problems, learn ways in which to keep your specimen warm or buy one that you can keep at the appropriate temperature.

Learn about the testing center you will be going to. Will you be alone in the bathroom? Will someone be watching you pee? This is very important as you need to remember, you are attempting to use synthetic urine in place of your own urine.

If you will have a monitored test, it is going to be hard to impossible for you to hide the fake pee that you want to use for the analysis. If you are alone, it will be a bit easier.

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

You came here wanting to know, “Does synthetic urine work?” Hopefully, this information has shown you that synthetic urine does work and has many uses. It was made to mimic urine, and it does what it was made to do.

With that information, yes, synthetic urine works. But knowing what you are up against and what you are doing can significantly increase your chance of getting the results you need.

Need more information? Contact us. We’re always glad to help. You can also check out some of our other blogs for more details.


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