Florida Urine Test Law For Welfare Benefits?

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Let me ask you something: do you live in Florida and are you applying for welfare benefits? If so, did you know that you would have to take a urine test AND pass it to receive those benefits?

You might have or might not have heard about it. But let’s get to the point: you’re here to find out the facts of this law in Florida.

Throughout this article, you will receive details about why Florida requires a urinary test analysis to receive welfare benefits. As well as what you, yourself, can do to pass that test, guaranteed! You can do it with a little help from us at Quick Fix Synthetic.

Drug Testing For Welfare? What?!

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As of July 1st, 2011, on a Tuesday, Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, signed the legislation. This is a law which requires adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo a screening. Scott said, “This is what’s fair to the taxpayers of the state of Florida.”

Now the citizens of Florida have an unconstitutional, uphill battle. The law states that those who pass the test would receive a refund the test cost. But for those who fail the testing or test positive, they are not able to receive the benefits nor the refund. And you would be paying the cost of $20 – $70 for the test! That is just outrageous!

And in recent years, screening across the U.S. to receive government assistance, has been talked about, but never put into action. So even if you do not live in Florida or move out of state from Florida, there is a chance that this law may apply to your state soon.

Agree? Disagree? Or Maybe In The Middle?

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You may be wondering if you are the only one or only a few people disagree with this movement. Well, the ACLU opposes it, and even some of the welfare recipients who had supported the bill do not quite wholly agree with this law.

The American Civil Liberties Union, also known as ACLU, has filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida for requiring all state workers to take a mandated urine test. And they are also considering a lawsuit against the state for making welfare applicants do the same.

Welfare recipients who support the bill do not agree that the applicant should have to pick up the testing fee. Why should it not be the state pay for such expenses, the ones who are demanding this urine screen? See? Even the people who had supported the bill do not agree with such actions to be taken.

Urine Test Law: Affecting Normal, Everyday Lives

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Did you ever consider that this law could even affect your average, everyday life? We bet you didn’t, right? But guess what? It most definitely can!

“The urine testing which can consist of urine, hair or saliva is just plain wrong,” says Rachell M., resident and applicant of Florida. “As if it is not hard enough right now, now I got to explain to my kids that poppy seed muffins could cut off our ability to eat dinner.”

By consuming muffins, cakes, and cookies that contain poppy seeds, you can raise the risk of you failing the urine test. So, even if you do not take any illegal substances, and just going about your day, you can still fail the test. Not entirely fair, is it?

Is This Law-Chaos Or Not?

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The government that applied this law may not have thought about their bill when creating it. And in doing so, they may end up with chaos in their hands.

The new law, a version of which was struck down by a federal court in Michigan in 2003, is likely to create chaos for Florida welfare applicants. We can only wait and see which states end up following in their footsteps.

People already disapprove of strangers trying to peer into their private lives. So what makes the government think that we would be okay with them checking our pee? Not everyone is comfortable handing their bodily fluids to someone to determine if the can get approved for something. Are we going to end up going to have pee tests to apply for colleges? Credit cards? Everything?

So drug testing for welfare will end up spelling disaster in the long run. Not just for you, but for everybody, the state as a whole!

Also, in case you didn’t know, these urine tests for welfare are big money pits for us taxpayers. Since a majority of the people who had taken the test passed, they had to be reimbursed from the testing fee, which means that our tax money ended up paying for their urine testing. And very, very few people had tested positive.

So you tell me: is it worth going through all of that trouble just for someone to apply for welfare benefits when all of that time and effort could have gone to public assistance?

Your Next Step? Quick Fix Synthetic Of Course!

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