How do you Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

how-do-I-heat-fake-urineHow do you Keep Synthetic Urine Warm?

Keeping synthetic urine warm is a necessary thing when using it. A cool sample may not perform as well at one at the right temperature. It’s important to understand how to properly use any synthetic urine, regardless of your reason for using it.

What’s the Right Temperature?

Urine from the body is about 96-degrees Fahrenheit, which means you want the synthetic urine to be about the same. The urine should be able to maintain a temperature of about two degrees higher or lower for about four minutes, once placed into the sample container for a urine test. Most of these types of containers are made with a built-in thermometer to register the temperature immediately.

How to get Synthetic Urine to the Right Temperature

The microwave is an easy way to heat up fake urine. It will only take about ten seconds, in most cases. Be sure to shake the urine well, and then test it with a temperature strip.

If you cannot use a microwave, you can use hand warmers to keep it warm. These are easily found at just about any department store with a sports section. They are used often for hunting and for athletes spending time out in the cold. These hand warmers can also help you get the synthetic urine to the right temperature without a microwave.

It’s also possible to use your own body heat to get the urine to the right temperature. However, this isn’t the easiest way to keep the urine at the right temperature.

Regardless of how you decide to heat the synthetic urine, you want to make sure it remains very close to the 96-degree mark. If it’s too warm or too cold, the urine may not provide the full effectiveness you are hoping for.


Will regular heating pads from the store work for synthetic?

We highly recommend you only use the approved heating pad provided with your Quick fix 6.2 kit. Other heating pad manufacturers may use a different heating ratio and you run the risk of getting your synthetic urine too hot on test day. So what if you don’t have a heating pad? If your in a pinch and do not have time to order a heating pad your best bet is to prepare the sample and tuck it in your underwear keeping it close to the core center of your body heat.

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