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Is Fake Urine Worth The Risk?

With so many things riding on a urine screening, you can’t help but question whether or not using synthetic urine is actually worth the risk. 

A common question for people who are new to nicotine testing or using fake urine is whether or not the solution is going to work. For many people, they are using it to guarantee that their test will come back clear, and they want to know that they are not jeopardizing their chances of getting or keeping a job.

The good news for these people is that synthetic pee is guaranteed to work if bought from a reputable vendor and used according to the instructions.

Why Choose Quick Fix Synthetic?

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If you are worried about the risk of being caught using synthetic urine, you might as well go with the vendor that has the highest reviews and the most significant guarantee. Taking the risk of using synthetic urine can be nerve-wracking.

While your fellow co-workers and supervisors might be oblivious to the fact that you are using it, you know the consequences, and you are stressing out.

People worry about the risk of using synthetic urine; they worry about getting caught with it beforehand or having their urinalysis come back positive.

But I ask you: if you already know 100% that you will not be able to pass a urinalysis on your own, what do you have to lose?

It seems the risk of having a positive screening would be worse. Think about it: a positive screening can cause you to lose your job, leading to possible financial instability.

If you are an athlete and have been using any type of substances, a positive test would make you ineligible to play, hurting your chances of a future career. And if you are taking a court-mandated screening and test positive, you could get fined or even go to jail!   

Rest assured, synthetic urine, and especially Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 Plus, is 100% guaranteed to work. We stay ahead of the competition, and we continuously improve our product so that it is not susceptible to the latest technologies aimed at targeting synthetic urine.

Fake Urine or Human Sample: Can They Tell?
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Every element of fake urine has been scrutinized. Companies, universities, and law enforcement officials are working hard to make sure that they do everything in their power to distinguish between real urine and synthetic urine.

And because of this, Quick Fix Synthetic has worked even harder at producing a product that has the same composition and chemical properties that human urine has.

This means that the color, the thickness, the chemical makeup and even the temperature are all true to how real urine would appear.

People often wonder how to make fake pee and the fact of the matter is that Spectrum Labs makes the best product around. Synthetic urine contains urea and uric acid which are organic compounds containing nitrogen that you excrete in urine.

Human urine is usually between the temperature of 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit; however, it usually begins to cool down once it has left the body; therefore when doing a urine screening, laboratories and testers usually will accept any sample as legitimate if it is within the temperature of 90 to 100 degrees.

The Quick Fix synthetic urine bottles come with a heating pad that can maintain the right temperature of around 90 to 95 degrees; but another favorite thing to do is to keep the container secured to the inner thigh, using tape or a strap so that the urine maintains the correct level of heat until you use it.   

When used correctly, there is no real way anyone can test to see if it is synthetic urine, and as such, it will pass the test.

Synthetic Urine: What to Look Out For
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While we are fully confident in the effectiveness of Quick Fix synthetic urine, we do realize that sometimes people buy our product through third-party distributors and unofficial site.

It is crucial that you always buy directly from either the Spectrum Labs website or the Quick Fix website, as we are the only ones that can provide the 100% guarantee and warranty.

There are also other precautions you can take if you are anxious about the risks of using synthetic urine and its effectiveness. When you buy from Quick Fix Synthetic, you will always receive a directions sheet with the product.

This sheet will always have a batch number located on it that is specific to that bottle of synthetic urine.        

Calling a Quick Fix representative and giving them your batch number will assure you of the products expiration date, so you make sure not to use expired urine on the day of your screening.

Still Worried About the Efficacy of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?
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If you look online, you can see many reviews that give examples of the effectiveness of Quick Fix synthetic, not only on our site but also on many blogs out there.  

If you are not as sure you want to take other people’s word on the subject, you can also always buy test strips from websites like eBay or to check the effectiveness of the synthetic urine before the day of the urinalysis.

This should give you more peace of mind as you will be able to see for yourself if the urine will work or not, even before the urine screening takes place. And because you can reheat quick fix synthetic urine multiple times, you won’t have to worry about ruining its effectiveness.

We Are Here to Help!
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Hopefully, this article has given you confidence in Quick Fix Synthetic urine; but just in case you are still on the fence, we are here to help.

We have representatives on the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you have, whether it’s before buying the product, after receiving it, or even after the urine screening.     
We know that it can be a nerve-rattling decision to make, and you might be worried about the risks involved, but Quick Fix Synthetic is here to help you when you have exhausted all of your options for a negative urine screening. Call Today!


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