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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

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In today’s day and age, new products come on the market faster and faster. Improved technology allows new products to be developed and eventually sold to the general public. Advances within the health industry allow for better and more accurate products to be discovered. Quick Fixx is continuously working to improve our products because it is critical that we provide you with the top of the line products with the highest possible success rate. When looking for a source for synthetic urine, it is crucial to select a reputable source. Check out our testimonials or give us a call if you have any questions.

About the New Quick Fix Version 6.2

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The New Quick Fix version 6.2 provides a new and much-improved product with many advantages when used correctly. The new Quick Fix release formula listed above includes urine that is premixed and synthetically produced within the laboratory. This latest discovery provides much cleaner and fresher urine which is 100% free of any toxins.

In addition, this newest discovery is PH balanced. The 6.2 version of Quick Fix has many benefits in comparison with the original 5.7 version released years back. For example, Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine has been dramatically improved due to the fact that urea is pre-mixed in so this eliminates any user error that could occur. After the urine is heated within the microwave for a mere 10 seconds and it is then ready to be used. The new Quick Fix 6.2 version offers a variety of advantages when compared to the original Quick Fix formulation.

If you have an older batch at home, it should still work. Quick Fix synthetic urine has a shelf life of 2 years! Make sure you verify this using your batch number and purchase the new and improved version if it has expired.

What Is In The Package?

QuickFix Synthetic Single

Quick Fix 6.2 is available in 2 and 3-ounce sizes for easy use. The 2-ounce box of Quick Fix 6.2 contains a two fluid ounce sample of acid-free urine, heat pack and a testing strip. The 3-ounce sample box, or Quick Fix Plus, includes a 3-ounce box of acid-free urine, heat pack, as well as the urine test strip which you use for accurate and complete testing results.

The heat pack is crucial to providing a realistic product. It heats the urine to body temperature; you will have some wiggle room though. Labs accept anything between 90-99 degrees. We recommend getting the 3-ounce package for a few reasons. Hopefully, this does not happen but human error is always a variable and spilling or dripping is possible. You need to be able to fill the specimen cup enough, usually half way or slightly over, you should not add water or your urine to fill it in case of spills. QuickFix 6.2 is clinically formulated to perfectly replicate human urine and tampering with it in any way can throw off the test. Key features include a  completely non-toxic testing specimen each time. Also, this product has been tested extensively and has a 100% pass rate.


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The smaller 2-ounce box of Quick Fix 6.2 is on sale currently for $34.95. The 3-ounce box of reasonably priced Quick Fix 6.2 comes in at $39.95. You can even buy in bulk if you like to be prepared and keep some on hand. A 10 pack of 2-ounce bottles runs $169.99, and the same number of 3-ounce containers costs $199.99. This is handy if you are screened often or without warning, and you do not want to wait for shipping. Quick fix does ship very fast, and very discrete. While overnight shipping is available, it will run you $56.95. Worth it in a pinch but it is much more convenient to be prepared by purchasing a few at a time and pay the $8.95 for 3-5 day shipping. That means no stress or scramble when that screening comes along and your bank account will thank you.  

Uses For Quick Fix 6.2

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This latest discovery is used extensively in the healthcare industry. When used in lab testing, this synthetically produced urine has the capabilities of testing clean offering a pure sample to its user. Also, this test can accurately test clear of all sugar levels. Abnormally high or low sugar levels can be an indicator of a severe health condition.

Quick Fix newest version 6.2 is also able to test and measure creatinine levels. Abnormal levels of creatine within the body may also cause an employer to become alarmed. Specific criteria must be met for a potential employee to pass pre-employment screening. Employers may be reluctant to hire employees with health issues for various reasons.  Prospective employers use Quick Fix 6.2 because of its track record. A urine test can mean the difference between receiving a new job offer or not receiving an offer at all.

How to Use

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A handy improvement with the 6.1 or newer versions, is that you have two ways to warm the synthetic urine to body temperature. Microwave the product until the heat strip reads correctly (between 90-99 degrees) or by applying the heating pack to the bottle, and carrying it on your body somewhere warm. For men, the underwear is good and for women, the underwear or bra would be a good option. Once the product is warm, you can pour it from its container into the specimen jar. Make sure you fill it at least halfway and then secure the lid firmly. Leave the specimen container as directed and rest easy knowing there will be no surprises in your results.

Final Thoughts

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The latest version of synthetic urine holds great promise for those seeking accuracy and dependability. Synthetically produced urine has a wide range of uses, from keeping your medical history private to pass a urinalysis. Also, overnight delivery is available to most areas within the United States if the order is placed by 3 pm PST. If you are looking to find a source for reliable, discrete synthetic urine near you, give Quick Fix a ring. We will see if we can help you locate it. We offer global shipping and delivery options that include P.O. boxes, FedEx and USPS stores, or right to your front door, Quick Fix is here to help. If you have any questions, reach out to our shipping department directly or our helpful and knowledgeable customer service staff.

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