New Quick Fix Version 6.0

New products are always being developed. Technology allows new products to be developed and eventually sold to the general public. Advances within the health industry allow for better and more accurate products to be discovered.

The New Quick Fix version 6.0 has provided a new and much improved product that has many advantages when used correctly. The 6.0 version of Quick Fix has many advantages in comparison with the original 5.7 version.

The Quick Fix 6.0 is made of urine that is premixed and synthetically produced within the laboratory. This latest discovery provides much cleaner and fresher urine which is 100% free of any toxins. In addition, this newest discovery PH balanced.

Quick Fix 6.0 has been greatly improved due to the fact that the PH balanced urine may be heated up to 95 degrees in a microwave oven for up to 12 seconds. After the urine is heated within the microwave it is then ready to be used.

This latest discovery is used extensively within the health care industry. The Quick Fix 6.0 version offers a variety of advantages when compared to the original Quick Fix. In addition, Quick Fix 6.0 is available in 2 and 3 ounce sizes for easy use.

The 2 ounce box of Quick Fix 6.0 contains a 2 ounce sample of acid free urine, heat pack and a testing strip. The 3 ounce sample box contains a 3 ounce box of acid free urine, heat pack as well as the urine test strip which is required for accurate and complete testing results.

The 2 ounce box of Quick Fix 6.0 is priced at $25.99. The 3 ounce box of Quick Fix 6.0 is reasonably priced at $34.95.

Quick Fix 6.0 provides a completely non toxic testing specimen each and every time. In addition, this product has been tested extensively and has a 100% pass rate.

Quick Fix 6.0 is used extensively by prospective employers. A urine test can mean the difference between receiving a new job offer or not receiving an offer at all.

When used in lab testing this synthetically produced urine has the capabilities of testing clean offering a pure sample to it’s user. In addition, this test can accurately test clear of all sugar levels. Abnormally high or low sugar levels can be an indicator of a serious health condition. Employers may be reluctant to hire employees with health issues for various reasons.

Quick Fix 6.0 is also able to test and measure creatine levels. Abnormal levels of creatine within the body may also cause an employer to become alarmed. A certain criteria must be met in order for a potential employee to pass pre-employment screening.

The latest version of Quick Fix holds great promise for those seeking accuracy and dependability. Synthetically produced urine has a wide range of use. Also, overnight delivery is available to most areas within the United States.

Quick Fix 6.0 may be ordered online. Delivery charges and tax may be added to final cost of the product.


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