Quick Fix 6.0 reviews

Here is my honest Quick Fix 6.0 reviews posting. I have to admit, I thought it was not going to work because every time I try something like this, it blows up in my face but this time was different.
I have been trying to land this job for months, an engineering position for fourteen months to be exact. Went through all the paperwork and applications, jumped through all their little hoops like IQ tests, and interviews, just how many I forget because everybody and their brother wanted to interview me! That is the way it is with a job like this and the good jobs take some time. I have been dreaming about a job like this all the while busting my chops working through class after class trying to top that grade. However, you know if you can just get through these courses, you know it will be all right. I know all this is worth it because my dad is an engineer and I know how much he brings down in a year. Trust me when I say, it is worth it!
I did get the phone call, the one where they tell you that you have been accepted and in three days they wanted me to stop in a the personnel office to pick up the paperwork I will need for the clinic for a physical and a pre employment nicotine test the day after that.
After the call, I began adding things up in my mind; six years of college while swilling up tacos and guacamole trying to make an extra buck, making sure I kept my grades up so dad will keep paying my tuition. On top of that, I spent over a year working to get this job and now that I have it, it is all for nothing because I know I cannot pass a nicotine test! I needed help getting through finals, what can I say?
Happiness turns to disparity and I began searching the internet and asking friends how I could get through this. While searching the web I was looking for anything that would help me out. Long story short I found this site called Quick Fix 6.0. Are you kidding me? I have to now resort to cloak and dagger stuff but the only problem was I had only two days to figure something out.
These people guaranteed that I was going to pass the test with the kit they offered and on top of that, it was cheap. They stated that it was synthetic pee containing urea and other compounds and this would give the lab equipment everything it needed to appear real. This would make it undetectable by lab equipment and they said I would pass, 100%, on my pre-employment screening. What sold me is that they ship three times a day and they could over-night this stuff. Sure enough, as they promised, the package came the next day.
After reading the instructions I mixed the stuff and you must be sure you mix it the way they tell you which makes sense because chemistry is all about proper amounts for a good outcome but it was pretty simple to figure out. In fact, there is a video on the website that shows you exactly how to do it; it is a no-brainer really.
The next day I was at the clinic with this stuff strapped to my leg and they gave me the little piss cup and off to the bathroom I went. I dropped my pants, filled their cup with the crap in the bottle, and strapped it back on my leg.
My whole future depended on a little bottle of fake piss and I was nervous to say the least. In two days, I received a call That little bottle of chemistry worked!

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