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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2018)

People who need to pass a urine test now have a solution just in case they have doubts about passing a urine test. As you might know, some urinalysis is gender specific. Male or females can use Quick fix 5.7 Canadian version synthetic urine test supplies to pass their urine test. Synthetic urine has the same ingredients you’d find in natural urine, and you can be assured to pass your urine test.

How Can You Be So Sure?

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Quick Fix 5.7 has a precise formula that mimics all the natural ingredients found in human urine. Expert chemists work to include just the right amounts of ph levels, creatine, and uric acid. They thoroughly test each batch before it leaves the lab and becomes available to customers like you.

They are so sure of Quick Fix 5.7 Canadian synthetic urine that in the infrequent event it doesn’t produce passing results, they will provide a full refund. All you need is a proof of purchase, such as the confirmation receipt, and proof that you tested positive for the subject substances they’re trying to find.

Why Quick Fix?

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Quick Fix has numerous benefits that trump other brands you might find. Many companies send synthetic urine that you need to mix. The quick fix comes already blended and ready to heat and use. So, no mistakes happen, and you don’t compromise the effectiveness. Plus its convenient too.

Quick Fix sells in bulk. Single packs are available for one time tests. Or, if you’re expecting random screenings, or more than one, you can buy multiples. You want to be sure you aren’t sprung with a screen and have nothing on hand.

There are numerous shipping options. Choose the standard or get it expedited the next day. Those 24-hour testing windows may require that option. Although, it’s always a good idea to keep some just in case. You never know when you’re going to get a new job or promoted to a position that requires screenings.

When they ship the urine, they send it in a discreet package. The purchase will also appear on your credit card or bank statement under a low-key name. This procedure is to provide full privacy. The box won’t tip your neighbors off, and it’ll keep you out of the doghouse.

Another feature that customers commonly notice is the price tag. All of the Quick Fix products have competitively low prices. When you buy in bulk, you can buy them for an even lower price. You can’t beat a product with successful results that are guaranteed or your money back and incredible costs to top it off.

How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

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Synthetic urine is easy to use, protects your privacy, and allows you to pass your uric acid testing with no problems. You do not have to do any mixing of the product yourself. Included with the synthetic urine is a small heating pad. This heating pad should be used when you are transporting the Canadian Quick Fix to keep it at the right temperature. Just place the urine bottle in your pocket along with the heating pad, and it will stay between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, for up to 6 hours. With the temperature you can be assured that your synthetic urine is at the perfect temperature when you need to use the urine.

Just before going in for your uric acid testing, take the Quick fix 5.7 Canadian version of synthetic urine and microwave it for about 10 seconds. The temperature gauge should read 94 degrees. If it does not read 94 degrees, then heat for about 5 seconds more. If the bottle is above 100 degrees, let it stand for a moment until it comes down to 100 degrees. If you have no reading at all on the temperature gauge, it means you have overheated the bottle. Allow the bottle to cool off until it reaches the specified temperature range. Let the bottle cool until you get a reading of 100 degrees. If you can not be near a microwave to heat the urine, then you need to place the heating pad around the synthetic urine for at least an hour before your test time. This will allow the urine to heat up slowly.

Place the warmer around the bottle and transport in your pocket to keep the synthetic urine at the proper temperature. Before going into your test site, strap the bottle of synthetic urine to your body. You should place it in the area such as the inside of your leg, under the breast, or underneath your arm if they can not see it. Make sure to keep it in a warm area, so the temperature does not drop.

Make sure you shake the synthetic urine after you are called in for your test. While in the privacy of the stall, give the urine a full shake so it is all mixed up and no settlement has stayed on the bottom of the bottle. Do not use all of the synthetic urine.

That might raise a red flag if you have an exact amount of urine. You should also pee a little in the stall. The staff will be checking for urine in the toilet as evidence of your honesty as well.  

You will receive 3 ounces of Quick Fix 5.7 Canadian version of synthetic urine, but you should use about a half ounce less when you are doing your uric acid testing. Again, don’t leave it at an exact amount or suspicion may arise. Once you are done, re-strap the bottle back to your body. Do not leave it in the garbage can at the testing facility. The staff will be checking your stall for any signs of cheating on your uric acid testing.

Quick Fix is the leading brand on the market for synthetic urine kits. The 5.7 Canadian version is prepared in a lab and tested before it’s available to consumers to ensure it’s useful. It’s comfortable and convenient to use with no mixing required. Purchase yours today for %100 privacy and guarantee to pass.


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