quick fix plus

quick fix plus

Spectrum Labs has been producing The globe’s finest Detox Products starting from 1992. Meanwhile, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world guard their solitude by allowing them to pass a test. Accidental testing and pre-employment monitors influence practically each worker in the USA and is so badly regulated individuals who even smoke-free workers are taking over-the-counter medicines can test positive wrongly and lose their occupation. Here in the Spectrum Labs our slogan is “Don’t Let Your Job Go Up In Smoke.” Our detox products shall assist you overtake successfully any pre-employment nicotine laboratory examination.

Among our products Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine is our brand of patented premixed laboratory urine of new 3 ounce version. It is unisex therefore a male or female can make use of it. It contains all the constituents usually found in urine and is in equilibrium for creatinine, specific gravity, PH, and numerous other urine features. To make use of Quick Fix Plus, heat the bottle beforehand and use as required. The 3 ounce bottle appears with an attached temperature narrow piece and heating pad to make certain the sample is at suitable temperature. Quick Fix Plus comprises three ounces of synthetic urine, which is greater than the quantity required by laboratory testing guidelines. The selling price about forty five dollars.

The Quick Fix Plus bottle can be microwave heated nearly ten seconds for preliminary heat. If the temperatures stay out of range subsequent to primary heating, do again the procedure (you can read the blue spot on the temperature narrow piece). If the container is out of temperature range subsequent to two times heatings, cool down and repeat the procedure again. By means of the enclosed heater pad only will necessitate roughly an hour to heat (please refer the instructions on the enclosed heater pad for activation). Fasten heater pad to the container with rubber ban or tape, be certain that the heater pad is contrary to the temperature strip. The heater pad shall end up to 6 hours. The color of Synthetic urine might differ from batch to batch. Shake the container ahead of and subsequent to heating. If not used, sample might be reheated for accidental usage.
Product Warnings: the entire customers having Quick Fix products along with formula numbers lower than 5.0 are appreciated to give back the product to Spectrum Labs for a free of charge exchange to present formulations. Formula information is available on box bottom underneath Contents portrayal.

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