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Snthetic Urine Designed For Women

When you’re looking for synthetic urine for women, you have come to the right place. Are you scratching your head? Most people don’t realize that when it comes to urine testing, there is a difference between male and female urine.

Depending on the reason for the test, this could be important, especially if you are planning to use the urine of someone from the opposite sex to help you pass a test.

Most people would think that a woman’s urine would have different hormones in it, and this is true, but for a standard urinalysis this isn’t something that the testing facilities will be looking for.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter to them whether the urine comes from a man or woman. They are looking for what they are asked to look for along with making sure that the urine appears to be urine. Remember this last statement; it will be important later.

Even though there are some minor differences between male and female urine, let’s see how much a difference they make.

Where Did Fake Pee Come From?

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Spectrum labs were the first company to manufacture fake pee in the history of the industry. They initially created it to calibrate urinalysis machines and test sticks to use in hospitals and testing facilities.

It also became the perfect product to use in medical teaching facilities. The initial reason for creating synthetic urine should tell you at least one thing; it was made to be able to pass for real human urine.

Since Spectrum Labs has been making fake pee for a long time, they have perfected the art of making a real synthetic urine product. It is safe to say they have it down to a science. All the bases are covered.

Women Vs. Men with Urine tests

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When looking for female synthetic urine, it is good to know the difference between the urine of men and women. One of the differences has to do with the serum uric acid levels in the urine. In women, the urate level is lower than in their male counterparts of the same general age.

The possible reason for this decreased amount in women is said to be due to their kidneys clearing the uric acid faster because of their higher estrogen levels.

In the updated version of the product, Quick Fix 6.3 Plus, you can check for Uric Acid in the product. The new version is the same product that you have grown to know and love. The only difference is that you can check for Uric Acid and you can be assured that your version of fake pee has the correct balance of Uric Acid.

The other difference between men and women’s urine is that due to the typically smaller size and body weight of women, smaller amounts of drugs taken can show up as a higher result. This smaller size means that a woman can have less of a toxin in their system but test higher than a man.

This is one of those times when a man should not use a urine sample from a woman for a urine test. It’s best not to take chances when taking a test you need to pass.

When it comes to a standard urinalysis these difference aren’t generally looked at, but if you are not sure, it would be wise to use a product that covers all of the bases.

Why Use Synthetic Urine

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These are just a few of the benefits and reasons that you should invest in fake pee. If you need help passing a nicotine test, you should get our fake pee. Since it’s possible to be clean of any and all nicotine and still fail the test, you may need our product to get you through the test.

If you are addicted to tobacco, chew, snuff, you should think about quitting. It’s not good for your health to be using nicotine, so you will improve your health once you quit the smoking.

It’s safe to use fake pee as long as you follow the instructions.

Discreteness and Cost

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The price of the synthetic urine for women is reasonable. It will probably cost somewhere between $50 to $100, but it is well worth the investment. But with us, you can get the sample you need for $21.99. You will get a lot for your money, especially when you can pass your test, that being the added value.

You can’t put a price on passing your nicotine test. It will come to your front door in a discreet package, so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing your business.

Also, it’s nice that you don’t have to worry about having a conversation with anyone about the product because you can order online. No one has to know that you ordered the product.

It used to be that a cashier would have to ring your purchase up, but this is not the case anymore. Since technology has changed over the years, you can stay unknown when you buy a product.

This product is safe and easy to use. It’s very effective. Nowadays, you can get the Canadian version of Quick Fix in the United States. This system is the best way to make fake pee, and you can buy it worldwide.

When you decide to order from our company, you will get detailed instructions on how to use the product. The package will come with everything you need to be successful in using fake pee, so there will be nothing extra to buy.

For more information about our product, feel free to give us a call at (866) 420-4574. If you have any questions about the fake pee, you can contact the company. If you want live assistance signing up for the product, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a fake urine kit for a female, you should contact the Quick Fix today to sign up for the receive the product! In the meantime, good luck with passing your nicotine test.


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