What is synthetic urine shelf life?

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

A lot of people these days have been calling our hotline and asking an excellent question: “How long does synthetic urine last?” The answer is quite simple: Quick Fix synthetic urine stored at room temperature has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacturing. However, there are some important factors to consider in maintaining the shelf life of your product. Truth is, if you are paying money for it, you might as well “get your bang for your buck” (so to speak), and here at Quick Fix we want to show you exactly how to make the product last and remain reliable for urine screenings to come.

What Can Affect My Product?

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There are a couple of main factors in maintaining shelf life for synthetic urine, such as exposure to sunlight and oxygen, and extreme conditions. Sometimes when people move stuff around, they forget to store things at appropriate temperatures.

Having synthetic urine in contact with direct sunlight will negatively affect the pH levels in the urine; which can, in turn, affect your urinalysis results. If you accidentally leave it out exposed to sunlight for a short amount of time—a couple of minutes or an hour—it will not affect it; however, leave it out there for more extended period of time, you might want to talk to someone at Quick Fix about what next steps you should take.

Another factor to consider is its exposure to oxygen. On many different boards and websites, people ask the question as to whether they can use synthetic urine if they have already opened it. Say, for instance, you took it to work thinking that your urine screening was going to be that day, opened it to check the pH or creatinine levels and then you found out that your testing won’t be for another week or two. What about the product that you already opened? Will it be okay for your next urine screening?

The answer is yes. However, the quality of the synthetic urine (regardless of which brand it is) can deteriorate the pH levels substantially if left open and exposed to oxygen and particles in the air. So if you are using the synthetic urine, please remember to seal it properly whenever you are not using it.

Extreme conditions and temperatures can also affect the product. We do not recommend that your store synthetic urine in the refrigerator and do not freeze it. The best option would be to store your Quick Fix product at room temperature, with no direct access to sunlight. So as long as you are keeping your synthetic urine in a room where the temperature is between 68 degrees and 75 degrees, you will be in good shape.

Our Product Is Direct

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The majority of people who buy synthetic urine are getting the product anywhere from 3 to 6 months after it was made, as it takes time to be shipped and sent to the third party retailer who then will ship it to the customer. The exception to this is if they are getting it here from us mailed directly to you.

Our product is not as old and will, therefore, hold its shelf life longer for the consumer because we buy it directly from the source, Spectrum Labs. All of our orders are shipped on the same business day if ordered before 6 pm CST, or next business day if ordered after 6 pm CST.

Getting it sooner and more direct can make a huge difference. I mean, think about it: that means you get to reap the benefits of this product for a couple of months more than our competitor’s clients; This can be a huge deal when it comes to employment or sports eligibility.

Checking The Expiration Date

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If you are not sure when your synthetic urine was made, look at the green insert that comes with the box. Make sure to keep this sheet; it is essential as it has your directions and the manufacture date on it. The manufacture date comes as an alphanumeric code and is located on the top, left corner of the instructions sheet.

If the batch reads 2018 or higher it is still good for two years; if it reads 2016 or older, you will need to buy new Quick Fix or call Spectrum Labs (the manufacturer) to confirm the product date. Quick Fix synthetic urine has the best shelf life in the industry and has been reviewed as one of the highest quality synthetic urine companies by many websites and bloggers.

Staying Aware

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Please be aware of fake or inferior products on the market today as there are many websites out there who take advantage of those needing to pass a urinalysis to sell a subpar product. In fact, over the years companies have become better at detecting whether or not urine is synthetic or human but we guarantee Quick Fix synthetic urine is a reliable and undetectable product.  It is just too important to pass your test, so do not take a risk buying from an unknown or unreliable source.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the best choice because it is reliable and has the most extended shelf life around. While our product has a shelf life of two years, most of our competitors’ product has a shelf life of only ONE year. That is a HUGE difference. Buy from us for all of your urinalysis needs because Quickfixsynthetic.com is an authorized dealer; With permission from Spectrum Labs, we sell the one and only Quick Fix synthetic urine product at an incredible price starting at $21.99.

Contact Us Any Time!

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Quickfixsynthetic.com specializes in Quick Fix synthetic urine sales, and you can always look up our contact information if you have further inquiries. If you have any further questions about Quick Fix synthetic urine or the shelf life of your synthetic urine, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-420-4574. We have representatives here to answer your questions 24 hours a day. Cheers from your authorized Quick Fix synthetic urine supplier!

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