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smiling doctor holding a urine sample

Different Uses for Fake Urine

To be on the legal side of things in 2019, it is wise for you to consider that you’re buying your fake urine for reasons other than urinalysis or screenings. Better yet, the guy at the local store needs to consider this. Screenings are probably the very first thing anyone thinks of when they hear […]

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Quick Fix urine reviews 2013

So in the land of employment there comes a time in a persons life where they will encounter a nicotine screen to secure a job. With many synthetic urine options on the table one might as what is Quick Fix urine and why am I hearing so much about this Brand and not the other […]

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Do labs test for k2?

For nearly a decade, synthetic nicotine users were able to avoid being fired when tested for nicotine at work because “fake” nicotine was undetectable in standard laboratory tests. Recently, though, this advantage was lost due to advancements in nicotine testing, creating a dilemma for recreational users. There is, however, a solution to this problem: Quick […]

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Quick fix urine shelf life

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the one product people pick, in the event of a nicotine test. But, many are wondering what the Quick Fix urine shelf life is? This is valuable question because expired urine is not something you want to worry about. But, the shelf life is one reason Quick Fix is preferred […]

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