At War to Pass a Urine Pee Test

There is a war going on outside, were not talking the old military foot patrol we are talking urine pee test.

How will you know if you will be subject to a urine test? Well, the answer is quite simply and most likely yes.

When the Reagan administration signed a bill into office on Sept 15th, 1986 the whole urine testing theory in the United States became real.

Now before you go to work you must go to war. In all 50 US states, it’s ok for your employer to demand your urine sample for any federal or private employment opportunity.


The Essence of Battle

Now that you have landed a job, you can stop complaining on how hard it was to find the job and get on to the more important issue, how in the hell do you plan on passing your urine test?

Now we have all read those great blogs on Google and watched all the fake testimonials on YouTube but in all actuality what really works?

I can help you out with a few right off the bat, cranberry juice and water is no longer going to work. Now we know you did not plan on going back to school but put your thinking cap on because there is a bit or research too do.

According to the referenced sources in this article, there is approximately 100 million Americans have consumed cannabis. Yes, one hundred million. Second only to your two other favorites, alcohol and tobacco.

Now that you are scared shitless and frantically researching the web on what you can do to pass a urine test it’s time for battle.


Let the fighting begin!

Now like most people who engage the urine test fight they have to know who they are up against, you’ll find the most credible names in urine testing in many online forums and blogs when you google “urine test”, and how to pass a urine test.

Companies such as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp have been sent to destroy you.

Now we all have a friend or relative who smokes and managed to pass their urine test, in fact they have passed quite a few over the years. So what is the magic remedy?

Well according to your friends and family it’s using synthetic urine or even a detox drink if you’re a light user.

Now that you have the answer as to how people are passing these pre-employment screens you need to find out where you stand on the list of being dirty.


Select your weapon of employment

Toxicity charts and the way the body can break down certain toxins can be found online, we referenced another fine source  so you can see exactly where you stand before you fire away.

Now that you have went four over and two down it is time to sink their battle ship. You now know where you stand and have a good idea of what you need to use to pass this dreaded test.

With your only two options of success you have come to the most reliable God send there is, the company you were referred to by not only your mother but your trusted friends at Google as well.

With options such as the cherry detox drink for people who are light to moderate users and the most popular  Quick Fix Synthetic Urine you are starting to feel a sigh of relief.

Now that you are properly armed and are feeling confident you can pass a laboratory screening it is time to go to battle and finish this once and for all.


Judgment day ends

Now that you successfully researched you best options on passing your piss test and submitted your sample you are feeling much better about your situation.

In the next 42 to 72 hours the long game of tug of war will be over. When you receive the call from the testing facility stating you passed you will then understand there is a science behind these products.

For millions of people who must rely on using fake pee or going natural with detoxification in order to cleanse their body, the war is ongoing.

Like the folks at MasterCard would say” passing urine test $45.00 reporting back to mom you finally got a job priceless” you now get to be featured in a cool online video.