Counterfeit Warning



Many third party sites like Amazon and eBay are selling counterfeit products at a significant discount. This is not necessarily a good deal.

They may claim their products are legitimate, but they aren’t balanced and tested for accuracy.

You will find that if you buy your synthetic urine through a third party, it won’t work. It may not even be synthetic urine at all—it could be something else entirely.

Despite what these third-party sites say, there are no authorized sellers on eBay or Amazon.

If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. There’s a reason why legitimate synthetic urine companies charge what they do.

There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a safe and effective product like the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.3 Plus.


The great thing about purchasing it directly from the manufacturer is that you know you’re getting a tested product that works.

You’re purchasing a name brand you can trust. They’re effective, up to date, and reliable.

Legitimate companies will continue to update their products according to the latest testing standards.

You always get the highest quality urine samples possible in every order, no matter what.

Every batch gets thoroughly tested before it’s shipped, ensuring balanced specific gravity, pH, and creatinine.

These products are toxin-free and laboratory grade. They have the exact characteristics, as real human urine, and they are a much safer alternative to using human urine in many situations.

You need a product that is balanced and tested to meet your needs.

Otherwise, your product will have low creatinine levels or incorrect balances of other ingredients.

And you’ll find your tests will fail repeatedly.


These counterfeit companies are violating federal and state law by marketing their products as synthetic urine and selling them that way.

However, where this really concerns you is that these products don’t work. A counterfeit product won’t help you achieve any of your goals.

Instead of risking purchasing a fake product, spend your money where you’ll get the most value.

Quality fake urine will be tested and proven in the lab to do what it says it will.

You can trust the real thing to be a true copy of human urine instead of an imitation.