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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine to the Rescue

Is yellow the new gold?
No we are not talking yellow snow nor those tasty M&Ms, we’re talking synthetic urine folks.
Synthetic urine has exploded over the last few years, it’s as if party people have been the only ones not living in the ice age.

Who Makes This Stuff?

The one and only Spectrum Labs has created a synthetic  biocide formula of the famous pee we all flush down the toilet on a daily basis.
The difference between what half of us flush and what they create is the purity. Like most of us living here on planet earth, we cross toxin.
Daily consumption for 65% of Americans consists of nicotine, prescription medication, vapor smoke, coffee and all the other stuff.
We all come into contact with potential job related killers,  like the poppy.  You’ve heard about it and it’s probably true.

The Job Offer

When companies offer you a job these days they are looking beyond your resume. In fact, 80% of companies are quite interested in your lifestyle.
Research performed by many of the top US schools concluded employers can save mucho dinero by carefully selecting the perfect work force.
Needles to say we do not only disagree on such privacy invasion, we never condone it.
So now that we have effectively confirmed the “let’s become a robot” theory, let’s get back to the synthetic urine talk.

Gain Your Privacy Back

Quick Fix synthetic urine was designed with privacy in mind. I mean what you consume is your business, should this disqualify you from living a normal working life?
Well if you say yes, how about submitting a poop sample?
Ya, I didn’t think so. Synthetic urine has given a sense of privacy to many every day people like you and me who get tested on the daily.

Synthetic Urine is Undetectable

When fake urine was first Introduced, labs rushed to find a method for detection. They quickly found out that the synthetic urine was undetectable.
I mean come on, would labs use synthetic urine to calibrate their equipment if it did not work properly?
With so much debate on online forums it appears the game of cat and mouse is official.
The people who use synthetic urine swear by it and the labs know deep down it works.

Where do I Buy Some of This Stuff?

If you ever find your self crying on the couch due to a upcoming urine test, we suggest you think yellow and brighten your day with a bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine.
Bottles of fake piss can be purchased online from us or in some cases at your local head shops.
Like Luke Skywalker said, “may the force be with you.” Cheers!

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