Q. Can Quick Fix 6.2 fail a drug test?

A. No, since Quick Fix mimics all of the components of natural urine in its molecular structure, it is undetectable. Properties found inside the synthetic urine sample include creatine, pH balance, specific gravity, proteins color, and foam. As every sample is pretested in a lab setting, it is impossible to distinguish it from natural urine for both male and female users of all ages.

Q. Does Quick Fix Work?

A. Yes, if used properly, Quick Fix works every time. In the highly unlikely event that your Quick Fix urine does not work, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Please note: In order to obtain a refund for Quick Fix in a “I failed claim”, you must provide the test results to back up the claim. Please keep in mind that Quick Fix has had a 99.9% pass rate for over the last 9 years. The remaining 0.1% has been due to people following the instructions incorrectly.

Q. How Do I Prepare Quick Fix 6.2?

A. When preparing your mixture, the goal is to raise the temperature of the liquid to between 90 and 99 degrees. The reason is that when the collector is instructed to measure the temperature of your specimen immediately following the test. If the temperature is outside of this range, it raises suspicion that the sample has been altered.

There are two ways to prepare QuickFix 6.2: a quick method that utilizes a microwave, and a slower process that warms your sample using body heat and a heating pack.

As a rule of thumb, use the quick method if you know when your test is going to be. Use the slow method if you don’t know when to expect it, and you need to carry the sample around with you.

Q. What’s the Quick Method Preparation?

A. To ensure that your sample is prepared correctly, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Shake the bottle of Quick Fix and remove the cap.
  2. Place the bottle in the center of the microwave. Microwave on high for 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the container from the microwave and replace the cap. Make sure it is screwed on securely.
  4. Shake the bottle to ensure even distribution of all the ingredients.
  5. Check the Read Green Color strip on the bottle to see what the temperature of the liquid is. If there is no reading after microwaving it, then it likely means that the mixture is over 100 degrees, so you’ll need to let it cool for two to three minutes to reach the ideal temperature range.
  6. Once you’ve reached your desired temperature, remove the cap, and replace it with the included flip cap. This cap is designed to make it easy and mess-free to empty the fluid into your test cup.
  7. Before your test, you need to ensure that the liquid is kept at a constant temperature source of between 90 and 99 degrees. To do this, we’ve included a heat pack that will keep your synthetic pee warm. Open the heat pack bag and shake it to activate.
  8. Secure the heat pack to the back of the bottle with a rubber band. Make sure you secure it to the side that is opposite the temperature strip.
  9. Before you pour the liquid into your test cup, take one last check of the temperature to make sure it’s over 90 degrees and below 100. Then empty the entire bottle of QuickFix into the cup.
  10. Voila! You’ve done it, and now you can feel confident that you’ll pass your test!

Q. What’s the Slow Method Preparation?

A. The included heat pack will warm your sample to the desired temperature. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the heat pack and shake it to activate its heating properties.
  2. Secure the heat pack to the back of the Quick Fix bottle with a rubber band. Make sure you secure it to the side that is opposite the temperature strip.
  3. Place the synthetic urine near an area of your body that will help retain heat and assist with the warming process. We recommend in your pants, underwear, and if you’re a female, in your bra. If you can’t keep the sample on you, the heating pack will do the trick, but expect it to take about 45 minutes to warm to the ideal temperature of between 90 and 99 degrees.
  4. When it comes time to submit your sample, shake the bottle to create realistic looking bubbles. You might also want to replace the cap with the flip-top version to make the pouring process controlled and spill-free.

Q. How can I achieve the perfect body temperature when preparing my urine sample?

Q: Will I need to sign for  rush deliveries?

A: Yes. All Overnight, and any order exceeding a $100 value shipped through vendor shippers will require a signature to receive delivery. For Next Day Early AM  deliveries an Adult (age 18+) signature is required.

Q. What is the shelf life on Quick Fix urine?

A. Quick Fix has a standard shelf life of 2 years which is the longest of any synthetic urine sold. Enclosed in every box, you will find a green insert. This is very important because it contains both your directions and your manufacturing date as well. The batch number or manufacturing date of your fake urine is located on the top left-hand side of the directions, and will not be found anywhere on the bottle. This special code will enable us to tell you how old your sample is and when it is set to expire. We highly recommend that you verify your batch before every use. If you need to confirm your batch number, we recommend that you contact Spectrum Labs to do so. By confirming your batch number on your Quick Fix sample, you will eliminate the possibility of any Quick Fix recalls or counterfeit issues.

Q. How come I cannot understand my Quick Fix batch number?

A. Spectrum Labs uses unique codes when producing Quick Fix. These batch numbers are unique to them and ensure the effectiveness and expiration of the product. It also helps them determine if there is a counterfeit product in the market place. As there are hundreds of thousands of bottles produced and sold annually, this batch number system can be seen as an insurance policy for the consumer. The Quick Fix batch numbers are currently printed on the urine bottle.

Q. Can Quick Fix be reheated and reused if I do not use it?

A. Yes, Another foolproof factor that only Quick Fix delivers is its ability to be heated and cooled on a daily basis without compromising the validity of the sample. If you plan on heating up your Quick Fix 6.2 formula daily, we recommend that you purchase additional Spectrum Labs disposable heating pads or the synthetic urine leg strap that we offer.

Q. What happens if my Quick Fix urine was left outside or in the car and froze?

A. Freezing or the refrigeration of your Quick Fix is not required nor recommended. Simply store your synthetic urine at room temperature and your synthetic urine will be fine. Please note that extended periods of direct sunlight can damage the pH levels of the sample, so it is important to never store your Quick Fix in direct sunlight.

Q. What if my Quick Fix urine bottle’s temperature strip will not read?

A. This is a common mistake that occurs during the preparation method. If your urine sample is hot or very warm and you do not have an accurate reading, you have overheated the sample. There is no need to freak out because this will not affect your sample. Simply set it on the counter and let it cool until a green line reads on the temperature strip.  Please keep in mind that cooling a bottle could take a few minutes, so you must be patient. Once the bottle has properly cooled, you may repeat the process until you get it right.

Q. Can two bottles of Quick Fix be mixed together to make one sample?

A. Yes, as long as they are both current batches, this should be okay. Please be sure to confirm all batch numbers prior to each use.

Q. Do I need to add anything to my Quick Fix urine, or can I add my own pee?

A. NO, nothing should ever be added to the sample nor should the sample be transferred out of its original bottle. Every bottle of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been precisely analyzed and tested with lab equipment prior to packaging. ALL samples of Quick Fix received are in the pour-and-go stage.

Q. Is the two ounce bottle of Quick Fix enough for one test?

A. Yes, the 2oz. bottle of Quick Fix urine will fill a standard testing cup exactly to the line which is the standard required minimum. The Quick Fix 30z synthetic urine version that we also offer has one more ounce of urine and will fill the testing cup over the line by one ounce which is highly recommended in case of accidental spillage.

Q. Does Quick Fix urine contain uric acid?

A. Yes, the new Quick Fix 6.2 comes pre mixed with uric acid/urea and is available in both two and three ounce plus sizes.

Q. How do I know if I need the Canadian version with uric acid?

A. Currently, There is one formula available for every location in any situation. The newest Quick Fix formulation 6.2 is pre mixed with all human like compounds.

Q. What is the difference between Quick Fix and Quick Fix 6.2 Plus?

A. The two Quick Fix formulas are identical the only difference in the two is the normal Quick Fix 6.2 is two ounces and the Quick Fix 6.2 plus size is three ounces.