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Infographic: What Is The Future Of Organ Transplants?

Ancient Chinese, Greek, and Roman myths and legends feature fantastic attempts of gods and healers to transplant the body organs. These stories are considered apocryphal. However, organ transplants became possible with time. In 1869, Swiss surgeon Jacques-Louis Reverdin performed first skin transplant. And in 1967, doctors in South Africa performed the first successful heart transplant. […]

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can a drug test detect gender

Can a Drug Test Detect Gender?

An impending drug test can be a stressful and harrowing experience. Whether you smoked pot once last week or are a regular drug user, you may be fretting about the potential outcome of the results. Your ability to pass may have a dramatic impact on your life, determining whether you receive parole, get a job, […]

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Ponytailed lady at the lab facing backwards

How Do Labs Drug Test?

Most of us are aware that many employers have mandatory drug testing, but what other situations is testing implemented in? How did mandatory drug testing come to pass? Who makes drug tests? What types of drug tests are there, and how do they work? Lab Drug Screening History In 1971, President Richard Nixon instructed the […]

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smiling doctor holding a urine sample

Different Uses for Fake Pee

To be on the legal side of things in 2019, it is wise for you to consider that you’re buying your fake urine for reasons other than urinalysis or screenings. Better yet, the guy at the local store needs to consider this. Screenings are probably the very first thing anyone thinks of when they hear […]

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man covered in shaving cream

How Long Does THC Stay in Your Hair Follicles?

Recent years have seen a massive shift in how Americans, the medical establishment, and state governments view the use of marijuana. In spite of the federal government’s continued insistence upon keeping it illegal, nine states now allow legal recreational use. Twenty-nine additional states allow for medical marijuana use. And a handful more, while not outright […]

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