Absolute Detox Drink 16oz Lime


The absolute detox drink is another great product for mid to light smokers who need to pass a urine screen.

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The absolute detox drink is another great product for mid to light smokers who need to pass a urine screen. This 16oz formula comes in two unique flavors both cherry and lime for user preference. The Absolute detox drink works by effectively keeping the toxic metabolites which are stored in your body from being released after it is consumed. This detox drink will give you a full 5 hour window once it is consumed to be clear of all toxins while they are stored in your fat cells. Although these detoxes drink are great assets to our current product selection it is only recommended for light nicotine smokers who use less than four times a week or who have not been in contact with a lot of toxins. If you are considering a detox drink and are over 200lbs we highly recommend our Absolute detox xxl drink which will provide additional ounces to ensure effectiveness. When detoxifying the body with a drink there are some key factors which you will want to take into account. Body weight, metabolism, consumption, and exercise can play a very big role. Currently our state of the art detox drinks have a 99.6 percent pass rate among the highest in the detox drink industry. If you have tested yourself at home or question you toxin levels or consumption we highly suggest you consider using our most popular product Quick Fix synthetic urine which is by far our most popular and sold product over the past 13 years.

Directions for use

If you have purchased one of our awesome detox drinks you will want to follow these directions for optimal results. Unscrew the cap and drink the entire contents of the bottle, this can be at room temp or refrigerated. After you have consumed the drink simply refill the empty bottle with fresh water and drink that as well. After you have consumed both the detox drink and the water it will take approximately 45 minutes for it to become effective. Below we have listed some additional pointers to help ensure you get passing results.

For best results after use

When using one of our Absolute detox drinks you must avoid all toxins for ad least 48 hours for the drink to become effective. Detox drinks must only be consumed the day of your screening and not prior. Do not drink excessive amounts of water as this could lead to a diluted sample; this means no more than 8 ounces of water per hour. On the day of your urine screen be sure to stay away from fatty foods, exercise and products high in sugar as this will conflict with the storage of your metabolites. After you consume the drink try to urinate ad least three to four times before actually taking your screen. Remember when submitting your urine sample it is best to catch the middle of your pee stream as this will be the cleanest part. Once you have followed the above directions the product will remain effective in your body for 45 minutes to the 5 hour mark so please plan you’re screening accordingly.

This product is to be used in accordance with all state federal and local laws and should not be used to pass a drug test.