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The new Quick Fix 6.3 Plus value pack includes ten 3oz bottles of artificial urine, a thermometer strip, warming pad, and directions for use.

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Quick Fix 6.3 Plus Ten Pack – 3oz Bottles is manufactured in the US, and a lab will not be able to tell the difference between this artificial liquid and real pee.

It contains all the ingredients that are naturally in human urine, including pH levels, specific gravity, color, and smell. Quick Fix 6.3 contains foam to give it a realistic appearance.

This artificial urine is your best option. You purchase the fake pee in a 3 bottles kit. While 3oz is more than you need to fill up a specimen cup, this amount is recommended as you may accidentally spill some of the liquid.

Quick Fix 6.3 is a popular synthetic product with one of the highest success rates in the country. It is formulated and produced in a lab setting by one of the leading synthetic urine manufacturers in the country.

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