Quick Fix Plus 3oz Value Pack [Buy 3 Get 1 Free]


Spectrum Labs Quick Fix fake pee has been the bestselling urine on the market for over 2 decades. Each unisex urine kit comes pretested and ready to pour right out of the box with its classic pour go and pass guarantee. Each synthetic urine kit contains the following contents inside the kit.

• 3oz Premixed unisex lab grade synthetic urine formula (2-year shelf life)

• Heating pad (8-10-hour heat life)

• Rubber band (To attach the heating source)

• Complete instructions of use with verified batch number printed (Batch number authenticity printed on the bottle)

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Looking for instant savings? Consider one of our most popular synthetic urine deals to date. The Quick Fix three-ounce Plus value pack gives you just that. When purchased you will receive four complete factory-sealed Quick Fix 6.3 Plus kits for the price of three. Quick Fix Urine is a pretested Lab grade formula used by thousands across the world to keep their privacy intact.

Quick Fix 3 Ounce

When it comes to authentic pre-mixed and well-balanced synthetic urine, no products in the market compare to ours. We use our patented formula to create urine samples similar to those of a normal human being.

From uric acid concentration to overall PH levels, specific gravity, and even creatine levels, our urine formula is designed to serve as the perfect urine sample for different uses.

The 3oz version comes with a kit and is ready to use in just minutes. Below is what you can expect when purchasing Quick Fix 3 ounce kits from us.

Easy to Use Urine Kits

Quick Fix comes with full kits that contain all you will need to simulate real-life urinating. To make the sample more convincing, the kit comprises of a temperature strip and a heat pack to ensure that your sample maintains the ideal temperature levels of pee coming from the human body.

Patented Biocide Protection

Our QuickFix fake urine products are created in a world-class laboratory and released into the market only after conducting several tests. Even better, our Biocide Protection is patented, thus assuring you of bacteria-free and highly fresh urine samples guaranteed to satisfy your needs-whatever they might be!

Realistic Samples

The whole idea of using fake urine is to substitute it with real urine. Our product is ‘made to measure’ and boasts of components and PH levels similar to actual urine. Millions have used this product with overwhelming success rates.

What Makes Our Synthetic Urine Different?

QuickFix Urine, before being released into the market, undergoes several testing at our state-of-the-art Labs. Did you know that Quick Fix is the only product with a Biocide Protection?

Luckily, with Quick Fix, you no longer have to DIY mix the powders and heat activators. We have got your sorted with our pre-mixed components- all you have to do is place the fake pee in a microwave, heat for approximately 10-11 seconds, gently shake the provided hand warmer and voila, your sample is ready!

 More about Biocide Protection

Spectrum Labs is 100% dedicated to providing quality urine and maintaining its reputation as the leading fake urine manufacturer. However, we believe that your urine sample should be reusable, even after reheating it several times.

With Biocide protection, your urine sample will not be exposed to bacteria. Unfortunately, due to the need to make quick money, most fake urines do not contain Biocide, which is a complete rip off! We are different as our product contains Biocide, meaning you`ll receive your product in prime condition and ready for use.

Why Use QuickFix Fake Urine

We understand that our clients have different needs and uses for fake urine. Here are some of the ways our Quick Fix product can come in handy.

1. Product Testing

If you are looking to simulate human urine for a particular product, then look no further than QuickFix urine. Our product is ideal for companies such as diaper manufacturers who would like to sample their products using synthetic pee due to the several hygiene-related benefits.  Also, cleaning companies can use our products to sample how their chemicals can clean up human urine.

2. Drug Testing Equipment

Due to Quick Fix`s stable PH level, it is possible to use it to calibrate PH strips and other uses in drug testing. Moreover, you can also use Quick Fix for hydrometer calibration as a result of its specific gravity that is highly stable.

3. Personal Use

Whether for kinky uses in the bedroom, the need to do a prank, or an urgent need of a urine sample, you can trust Quick Fix to provide practical solutions to your urine problems.

If you need synthetic urine either for work, research, or personal use, we recommend trying out our tested and proven quality product. Take advantage of our buy 3 get 1 free offer by buying our Quick Fix value pack- it`s totally worth it!

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