Synthetic urine strap


This adjustable synthetic urine support belt is a comfortable neoprene holder that makes it easy to carry the synthetic urine to your leg while keeping it at the perfect temperature.

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This adjustable novelty synthetic urine strap is a neoprene support belt that is durable and comfortable. It makes it easy to strap the synthetic urine bottle to your leg while keeping it at the perfect temperature. The urine belt fits snuggly around the upper thigh with Velcro adjustments able to accommodate to any size. You don’t have to worry about using heat pads or about it loosening and falling down your leg. This new method is widely accepted as a fantastic alternative to the old ‘heating pad system. We highly recommend this product due to its proven track record and popularity. The Strap comes discretely shipped and can be used to store many common items as well, so buy yours today!

We often get a lot of questions on how the synthetic urine belt works. We will highlight a few frequently asked questions about the product and it’s different preparation methods. Can the heating pad be used in conjunction with the synthetic urine holder?  The synthetic urine belt was designed to keep the urine close to body temp after it is heated without the use of the heating pad. If you work in a cold environment or live in cold climate it would be a good idea to put the heating pad with the synthetic urine bottle in the straps pouch. The leg strap was designed with neoprene which is to be worn on the upper thigh underneath the clothes so in almost all cases this will ensure the bottle of fake pee stays warm. As a required standard all labs are to accept a urine sample between the range of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit so the strap gives you a good sense of insurance when your wearing it.

The strap was designed to secure any item discreetly, when inserted in the strap it will be held in there snug with no possibility of falling out. We do recommend you speed up the process prior to inserting the urine bottle by putting it in the microwave prior to inserting it in your Belt pouch.

Can the urine strap be seen under my clothes? No, when the strap is worn it should be fitted up high on the thigh with the bottle facing your growing area, this will ensure it is placed in the core center of your body which is the warmest.

Limited 30 day warranty on all strap purchases.