Urine Luck Additive – New Formula


Urine Luck New Formula 8.0  and above removes all unwanted toxins in your urine. Beat your urine test with this completely undetectable additive.

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Urine luck additive new formula 8.0  and above a clean urine sample is delivered with two small vials. The Urine luck formula is another scientific breakthrough produced by Spectrum Labs. Urine luck consists of 2 small vials roughly the size of a AAA battery. The chemical compounds work as a mask and actually changes the chemical structure of the compound and which removes all toxins. The Urine luck additive is most efficient when used on nicotine tests. by altering the chemical structure of your sample the right side of the molecule is changed and the test is instantly recognized as a negative test screen which is passing. The Urine luck formula 7.10-12 and higher starts working immediately when mixed to your urine sample. The longer the additive is in the pee the better the results. Below we have outlined some key points to keep in mind when using the Urine luck formula to pass a urine test.

Basic direction to prepare and deliver your urine sample once the Urine luck is mixed is as follows. Take both of the vials shake them well and add them to 2-3 ounces (60-90ml) of urine (human urine). It is very important to add the contents to at least two ounces of urine, If you fail to do this the sample will can be rejected as inconclusive or adulterated because the pH balance levels will be less than 3.0 or too acidic for real human levels.

Product Directions
1.Urinate 2-3 times before you actually take your test and fill the testing cup up.
2.Be sure to shake both vials and add both vials of Urine Luck to 2-3 ounces (60-90 ml) of urine (human urine).
3.Do not combine or mix the agent with anything else.
4.No need to flush your system, it is not recommended to consume more than 10 ounces of water per hour on the day of the actual test.
5.Mix slightly in test cup with (human urine).
6.Do not take internally! Avoid contact with skin, This product may cause irritation. If your skin comes into contact with the agent simply wash the effect area with warm water.
7.Urine Luck will only work on GC/MS lab screens that are being shipped off to a lab. Since the Urine Luck additive takes approximately 45 minutes to become effective it will not work on instant screens such as I-cups or E-screens.

Urine Luck additive has a two year shelf life when stored at room temperature, and should never be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

How exactly does this stuff work?

The way Urine Luck additive works is once it is added to your human pee it starts to effect and change the molecular structure of the compound. When the right side of the nicotine’s molecular structure has been altered by the chemical the results will become negative for any substance in your pee. The Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry lab screening equipment which is used at all major labs recognizes a normal molecule and produces a negative test result. To date the chemical additive has a 99.6 pass rate amongst millions of users. If you are not a seasoned user or not sure which kind of screening you may have we highly recommend you use our best selling product Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine, which has a 100% pass rate on any and all screening types.

Urine Luck patent: This product has been issued a patent by and has afforded the rights and protection of the United States patent office #7,045,098.

This product is to be used in accordance with all local state and federal laws and is not to be used for lawful administered drug tests.

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