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4 Benefits of Using a Fake Pee Support Belt

As people are finding more needs to use synthetic urine, they also need ways to make sure the fake pee will seem as a fresh real urine specimen when the time comes.

One red flag that a urine specimen, collected for screening, is not real or does not belong to the tested person, is the temperature of the urine.

Fresh urine is warm. Period. It is always warm. When given as a specimen it should be between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower than 90 degrees F and suspect flags will fly.

Needing to transport fake pee is where the need for a fake pee support belt originated. Let’s talk about what this is and four benefits of using one.

What is it?

A Synthetic Urine Belt is a device made for the transportation and maintaining the temperature of warm synthetic urine. There are different types, but they all have the same function.

The most simple and effective is a belt, made of neoprene, that is adjustable and uses velcro straps to attach the belt, and the container of fake pee, to the thigh of the user. It should be comfortable and non-allergenic to the user’s skin.

It should be discreet and easy to use. When the user is wearing a properly made synthetic urine strap, they should feel more confident about carrying fake urine into a urinalysis test site and should not be worried about leakage.

It should be able to keep the synthetic urine container close enough to the body for the body to provide the necessary heat to keep the product at the temperature a lab technician would expect real urine to be.

Let’s talk about the first benefit that probably comes to your mind. Will anyone see it, besides you?

1. Discreet

A properly made belt is made to securely hold the container of fake urine to the inside of the user’s waist.

This placement will make it noticeable to the wearer only unless they think wearing skinny jeans is a good idea. It’s not.

It is also adjustable and, with the use of velcro straps, should fit securely to the upper thigh and not slip. The last thing you need is for the belt, and your fake urine, to fall to the floor around your ankles.

An excellent urine strap should be a type of insurance that you can transport the fake urine specimen without anyone knowing.

You should be able to walk into any testing site without being concerned that anyone can see what you are carrying.

It should not be seen under your clothes when it is strapped securely on your upper waist with the area that is holding the specimen bottle facing your groin area.

This placement not only will ensure discreteness but will assist in the second benefit of using a synthetic urine strap. Warmth.

2. Keeps The Urine Warm

Fresh, human urine is warm when it exits the body. As such, lab technicians will be looking for a urine specimen, from you, to be between 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is even a temperature strip on the collection bottle for this exact moment.

Using a fake pee belt, correctly placed, will get a fake pee specimen to the testing lab at proper body temperature. Being able to present a properly warmed specimen is a significant step to your synthetic urine not being flagged by the laboratory technician as potentially fake. The belt will help decrease the chances of your urine being flagged by keeping it nice and warm.

Of course, if you don’t have a lot of time, you can pre-warm your specimen at home and use your own body temperature to keep it warm during transport from home to the urinalysis testing lab by using a urine belt.

We also supply Spectrum Labs synthetic urine heating pads if you need a urine warmer that will keep it at the correct temperature.

3. Ease of Use

Trying to transport fake urine and keep it warm discreetly has been an issue for as long as synthetic urine has existed. From trying to carry a synthetic urine specimen in your bra, if female, or underwear, people have attempted for years to find a way to do what a belt will do. And it hasn’t been easy.

As mentioned above, the strap is worn on your upper waist and is easily secured, snuggly in place, using the attached velcro straps. All you need to do is put the fake urine container in the pouch and fasten the urine belt to your waist.

Using the belt is easy, discreet and safe, giving you all of the benefits you require to transport and use your fake pee specimen safely and securely without the chance of leaks, spills, and slips.

4. Secure to Use

Using a strap to transport your fake pee your couldn’t be any more secure. There will be no noticeable bumps and bulges, the synthetic urine container will fit snuggly near your groin, and it won’t slip down your thigh while you are walking.

All you have to do is prepare your specimen, place the container in the holster, attach the belt to your waist and go do what you need to do.

Popular FAQs

Can you make a fake pee support belt?

Fake pee belts are quite simple to make. There is no exact right or wrong way to do it, as long as it gets the job of transporting faked urine. A “urine belt” means any device that you strap around your waist to better transport fake urine. To make one, simply use a system of Velcro straps to help hold the bottle of urine against your inner thigh. Keeping it tight against your inner thigh will keep it at the same temperature as your body to avoid raising suspicions.

How much urine does it carry?

The amount of urine a belt carries can vary, but if you make the belt yourself, you can carry as much as you want. Of course, there’s no reason to carry around a gallon of urine, so keep a reasonable amount to provide multiple samples if you have to. Consider aiming for between 2 ounces to 6 ounces. Keep in mind, though, that the more liquid you carry, the harder it is to warm it to the proper temperature – 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit – to mimic the human body.

Will it provide the right temperature?

These belts are great for keeping urine warm. As opposed to hiding a vile of urine in your pocket, these handy inventions will keep it warmed by your natural body temperature. The name of the game is to be discreet. The more realistic temperature you can maintain, the more likely it is to help you pass the test. If your urine is even the slightest bit chilly, testers will know that something is awry. In a perfect world, you will wear your belt for an hour or so before your test. When the time comes, empty the contents into the cup, and walk away without a worry.

What is the best fake pee belt?

You can buy a variety of belts to fit your unique needs. You can even buy ones with fake genitalia if the test calls for a rouse that invasive. The best belts come from Quick Fix Synthetic. This company specializes in this sort of thing, and their former customers write reviews raving about their effectiveness. Visit the Quick Fix Synthetic website to find the best option for you and your budget.

Will it Work for You?

This is simple, folks. If you follow the directions, yes, it will work for you. It was made with you and your needs in mind – and it will help you get the job done safely, discreetly, and quickly, while also decreasing your stress about using synthetic urine for your urinalysis.

If you’ve already purchased your fake pee, it’s time to finish the process and increase your chances of getting the results you are looking for.

Check out our Synthetic Urine Strap and other products, such as the Quick Fix Plus 6.2.


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