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Synthetic urine is a liquid (sometimes powder) that is used to pass a drug test, particularly among those who need clean urine to be eligible for employment.

The mixture is designed to mimic natural urine, and Quick Fix is undetectable as a synthetic when analyzed in a lab.

Synthetic urine samples include a blend of the following substances:

  • Creatine
  • pH balance
  • Gravity
  • Proteins color
  • Uric acid
  • Foam

Synthetic urine has universal human applications, meaning that it can be used for male and female users, regardless of age.

When it comes to passing a drug test, a high-quality sample of fake pee is the most foolproof method. Some may be tempted to borrow pee from a friend or family member, but there’s no guarantee of that person’s pee passing the test. Further, real human urine begins to grow bacteria after 8 hours, so this could both compromise the results and look suspicious if someone chose to go that route.

The short answer is that it depends on when you last consumed the substance, and, in the case of marijuana, your frequency of use.

While there are home-based solutions that will flush your body of the toxins, the most common remedy of drinking a ton of water is not necessarily your best bet. Though it may end up diluting the drug out of your system, your urine will be pale or clear in color, which is a red flag that you’ve done something to try to clean your pee.

The best thing you can do, other than buying a urine kit, is to consume specially formulated detox drink. These beverages work to clean your system while also adding back in proteins that allow your pee to retain a natural hue.

You’d be surprised by all the uses of synthetic urine. It turns out that it’s not just for workplace drug screenings and tests.

Other reasons people buy fake pee are as follows:

  • Test the absorbency of products like diapers.
  • Observe how it affects medical devices when it comes in contact with sensitive electrical components.
  • Measure the effectiveness of a cleaning agent.
  • See how it stains mattresses and other textiles while also testing the ability to clean and remove the stains.
  • Measure how badly it stains carpets and how easy it is to clean with different cleaning agents.
  • Alternative medicine, such as treating jellyfish and urchin stings.
  • Medical research involving experiments for various diseases such as cancer.

As you can imagine, fake pee is a slightly less gross way of performing these tests. A synthetic version also has a longer shelf life, so companies can stock up on barrels of piss without having to worry about it deteriorating or losing its defining properties.

From a practical standpoint, it’s more efficient and economical to procure a manufactured item like synthetic urine in large quantities than it is to collect human urine 2 ounces at a time.

How Fake Urine Works

  • step 01

Prior to leaving your house you need to prepare your Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine. Open your Fake urine kit and remove the cap. Place the fake pee bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds. If you do not have access to a microwave, simply active the provided heating pad and attached it to the Quick Fix bottle. The slower heating pad method will take approx 45 minutes to reach the desired temperature or 92-98 degrees.

  • step 02

After your QuickFix synthetic urine has been heated 10 seconds in the microwave simply cap the bottle, your temperature strip should now read between 92-99 degrees. If your sample is below the 90-degree mark simply place your Quick Fix 6.2 bottle back in the microwave for no more than 3 second to reach the optimal temperature. If your temperature strip has no reading the bottle is too hot. Simply place the bottle on the counter and let your fake urine cool until you can get a reading on your temperature strip.

  • step 03

Open Quick Fix heating pad provided and shake well. After shaking, simply apply the heating pad opposite side of the temperature strip and get on your way. The heating pad provided will keep your Quick Fix 6.2 urine at the proper temperature for a full 8 hours.


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Took a urine test 2/3/2018 in OH used the new Quick fix version 6.2 batch #ST173M16A it had the pre- mixed urea, dumped it in the cup and left real feeling a lil nervous. Got a call from the new employer today I’m starting work on 2/12/2018 thank you guy’s great product worked as stated.

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Just wanted to extend my Thanks to Chris in custom service, He answered all my questions regarding the product and preparation in a timely fashion. It is good to know there are people out there willing to help others out in a pinch. He set me up with a guaranteed delivery time via FedEx because I needed it early and it arrived like he said BY 10:30 AM. If you have questions about the product direct it to these guys they really know their stuff.

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I spent 8 mins inside the clinic and I was done. Got the job!

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I’m writing this because I’m happy I passed my urine test with the new Quick Fix 6.1. This thing actually works! It’s easy to use and next day shipping was crucial for what I needed. Now that I know this exists, testing is no longer a concern.

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I have used Quick Fix 5.7 and the now the new 6.2 version with success over the last 7 years! Simply follow the directions provided and I guarantee you pass.

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I routinely purchase my Quick Fix kits from this site, customer service is excellent. Your free shipping upgrade is super fast I will be sure to let my friends know. Extra thanks to Ryan for patiently answering my questions via email on my most recent order it helped out a lot

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Thank you I got my results back and passed with flying colors. I used the Quick Fix 6.2 plus 3oz version and the overnight shipping arrived as promised. Thank’s you saved my life literally.

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Highly recommended! Great customer service discreet shipping and billing much keep up the good work.

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This product works wonders and I am a true believer, popped it in the microwave 10 seconds strapped it to my leg and got on my way. I Passed my 10 panel test it was easy to use, what a fantastic product.

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I’ve tried other brands of urine and failed, once you try Quick Fix by Urineluck you will never use anything else. The urine is pre tested in a lab setting so you can be confident it will pass a lab screen.

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Took a test last week with the new 6.2 Plus used batch number ST183K10A just received the call I passed! Super stoked I got the job of a lifetime lined up now cheers!