Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Ten Pack Sale-3oz bottles

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The new Quick Fix 6.2 Plus value pack includes ten 3oz bottles of artificial urine, a thermometer strip, warming pad, and directions for use.

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QuickFix 6.2 Plus Ten Pack – 3OZ Bottles is manufactured in the US, and a lab will not be able to tell the difference between this artificial liquid and real pee.

It contains all the ingredients that are naturally in human urine, including pH levels, specific gravity, color, and smell. QuickFix 6.2 contains foam to give it a realistic appearance.

This artificial urine is your best option for passing a urinalysis. You purchase the fake pee in a 3 bottles kit. While 3 oz is more than you need to fill up a specimen cup, this amount is recommended as you may accidentally spill some of the liquid.

When you go for the test, you must go into the bathroom and discreetly pour the liquid into the specimen cup that you submit for testing.

QuickFix 6.2 is a popular synthetic product with one of the highest success rates in the country. It is formulated and produced in a lab setting by one of the leading synthetic urine manufacturers in the country.


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Return Policy

All our fake urine sales are non-refundable. After we have shipped the product, we are not able to resell it to someone else.

Before checkout, ensure that you are satisfied with the items in your cart and report any lost or damaged orders to us within 72 hours of scheduled delivery.

In the unlikely event that your Quick Fix 6.2 urine does not pass the lab screening, you may be eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee. To receive a refund on a failed claim, provide us with proof of the failed test and allow one week to process your return.

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    Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

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    Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix is the most popular brand of synthetic urine in the United States, and it is finally available in a belt kit, a convenient way to make sure that your Lab urine results remain negative. No more improvised devices or bulky prosthetics. Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is comfortable to wear, and 99% guaranteed to deliver a negative test result.

    The main features of Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit include:

    Universal sized belt – can accommodate both men and women

    – Utilizes an empty medical-grade vinyl bag that includes biocide, which inhibits bacterial growth like real pee does.

    – Attaches with an elastic cotton strap that fits around your waist and can be easily adjusted

    – Preloaded with 4 ounces of Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine

    pH balanced and includes ingredients found in regular urine, like urea, making the detection of synthetic urine virtually impossible

    – Large adhesive heat pad and a temperature strip included

    Single use non refillable belt/ Do Not Microwave use heating pad and apply urine belt bag to skin.

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