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Clean Catch Urine Sample: Can You Use Synthetic Urine?

Having to provide a sample for a screening can be inconvenient, embarrassing and nerve-wracking. And if you haven’t needed to produce one before, it can be confusing, especially if the examiner qualifies it by saying you need to submit a clean catch sample.

So, let’s sort out what this is and what you need to do if this type of sample is requested.

How Is a Clean Catch Done?

One empty an sterile specimen collection bottle, the other bottle is filled with urine, ready for testing in the laboratory.

Also called midstream collection, clean catch refers to the way you collect the urine sample. This system is the preferred method in most instances since it avoids the possibility of contaminants entering the sample. The general procedure is as follows:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Take the sterile container from packaging and write your name on it.
  • Use the wipes provided to clean the urethral area.
  • Begin urinating into the toilet.
  • Place collection container into the stream and fill up to the halfway point.
  • Finish urinating into the toilet.
  • Cap the container and place in the proper receptacle or take to the examiner as directed.

Where Is a Clean Catch Collected?

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In some circumstances, such as random screenings at work or screenings performed for legal reasons, you may need to provide your sample immediately, on-site.

For medical purposes, you will probably pee in a cup at the doctor’s office, or you will probably go to a testing center. Rarely are these samples done at home.

What Does a Urinalysis Test?

urine sample and tech testing it with urine dip stick.

You might be asked for a clean catch urine sample. The sample can be tested to check for kidney problems, UTIs, pregnancy, stress incontinence, or the presence of unwanted substances.

Most people have had to give a urine sample at the doctor’s office for pre-surgery testing or as part of a screening process. 

This situation may be unnerving for some people since a urinalysis is one of the most accurate screenings. After hair analysis, urine screenings are the hardest to pass if you have consumed substances.

These tests can be random or predetermined, so if you have to provide a clean catch sample unexpectedly, you may consider trying synthetic urine.  

What Could Cause a Failed Urinalysis?

Testing urine for drugs

The medical, legal, and corporate worlds all rely on urinalysis for screenings because it is an excellent process for detecting any substance use. So not only do long-term, habitual users need to be wary, but occasional imbibers should use caution too.

For example, marijuana stays in the system for eight days or longer even for first-time users.THC metabolizes from the body at different rates due to various factors. For example, using edibles rather than smoking will alter how long it stays in your body. In addition, stronger strains may remain your system beyond the typical range.

Also, the rate of your metabolism works plays a significant role. If you have a steady exercise routine, a fast metabolism, and healthy eating habits, your body may remove the THC faster than would happen for those with different habits.

Body fat levels also impact how quickly you metabolize substances. THC binds to fat cells, so the more of them that you have, the longer it can stick around. If you have concerns about screening for any reason, synthetic urine may be your best option.

Which One Is Better, Powdered or Liquid Synthetic Urine?

powder urine being added to water.

Powdered urine? It sounds strange. Powdered urine is a substance-free human urine that has been dehydrated. You need to add water before using it. It is 100% human urine, so in theory, it is guaranteed to pass a screening.

The problem is the rehydration process. It needs to be done exactly right, or you risk throwing off the composition. Even though powdered urine is the closest to the real thing, it leaves a lot up to chance. If you make an error with the ratio of water to the powder, you’re going to fail a screening.

How is Quick Fix’s Synthetic Urine Better?

Doctor examining the urine in laboratory, closeup

Our synthetic urine is a lab mixture of chemicals that mimic the thermal, visual, and chemical properties of human urine. Quick Fix version 6.2 has pre-mixed uric acid in their product to simulate urine.

The lab tests every batch to be sure that the ph levels, creatine levels, and specific gravity are precisely right for passing a urine screening. The perfect color and the little bit of foaming action make this product just what you need to put your mind at ease when providing a sample.

Chugging a lot of water is likely to earn you a failed screening. Choosing Quick Fix instead, however, will ensure that you pass a urinalysis that would otherwise show substance use that you’d rather keep private.

Quick Fix synthetic urine also is used in product testing for cleaning agents, medical student training, and animal repellent.

Using Synthetic Urine to Pass a Clean Catch Urinalysis

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Although some companies and states are against it, synthetic urine can be used successfully to pass a urinalysis if done carefully and correctly.

If you decide to use this product, it needs to stay at body temperature before use. This is usually done with heating pads and a strap to hold the bag close to the body.

See our shop for these products. Follow the instructions carefully. Overheating the product will result in a failed screening.

You also need to be sure you buy from a reputable dealer. Going cheap or using old products can end up hurting you in the long run. There are lots of providers out there trying to imitate Quick Fix. But only Quick Fix offers a 100% guarantee.

When you need to provide a clean catch urine sample for screening, Quick Fix products are here to help. When used precisely according to directions, our synthetic urine will allow you to breathe easy during your screening process.

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