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Advance Detox Solutions Review

Excitement and enthusiasm hardly accompany an unexpected screening. Whatever it is that might cause a screening, you’re most likely not looking forward to handing over a pee-filled container.

We understand the saying “if you have nothing to hide then there’s nothing to worry about.” However, since you’re reading this article, we’ll assume that you do in fact have something to hide. What you need to cover up your recreational fun is one of several advanced detox solutions. These come in many different brands.

If you want to learn how to pass your screening, then keep reading.

What Is Advanced Detox Solution?

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So, you need an advanced detox solution. Not sure what that is? No worries. We’ll break it down for you in simpler terms. Simply put, it rids your body of toxic substances that cause you to test positive on a urinalysis. Usually, it comes in a liquid form as a drink or a pill.

When you take the products, you should follow the directions on the container or package it comes in exactly. If you deviate from how it tells you to use the product, you might forfeit your passing results.

Let’s make something clear: there is nothing about these drinks that taste good. So, make sure you don’t have a weak stomach before you spend that hard earned money.

There are some side effects to advance detox solutions. The word detox should explain it all. But, in case it didn’t, we’ll tell you about them.

These drinks and capsules remove harmful toxins in your body. They will exit through the pores on your skin, your urine, and in your bowels. In the instructions of most of these drinks, it tells you to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Knowing that you need an advanced detox solution, are there any other ways to detox your body and pass a screening?

Other Types Of Detox Methods

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There are many different ways of detoxing your body other than an advanced detox solution. One may react better with the composition of your body than another.

Look through some of these methods to learn about the different ways they affect your body and how they can help you pass. And we’re not talking about the stuff you puff first either.

Pectin For a Screening

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Some people claim that pectin is the only sure way to pass a screening. While it is beneficial, it’s not the only thing that works. Pectin is the main ingredient in the latest crazed method of detox products for urine screenings.

The brand is called Certo or Sure Gel, and recreational users are buzzing about its effectiveness.

Pectin is what makes it work so well. What the heck is pectin? Pectin is a fruit, and its original intention for both Certo and Sure Gel is for making jellies and jams.

The way it works is the fiber of the fruit binds to the THC in your stools. The THC is bound to fat so, it and pulls the fat infested with THC out through your bowels.

I know what you’re thinking. They’re testing your urine, not your poop. But, what happens is that it acts as a magnet and pulls all the digested THC out of your body through your stools so that it’s not detectable in your urine.

As you might have guessed when we mentioned fiber, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t stray far from a bathroom when attempting this method. Maintain hydration throughout this process so that all the THC flushes from your body.

Synthetic Urine


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Some may think that synthetic urine is risky due to being under the intense supervision of a drug screen. But we say, not if you do it right.

Synthetic urine is chemically fortified in a lab to mimic the composition of urine. The ingredients are precise, and if you buy from the right source, it’s 100% effective.

Some synthetic urine kits may come in a powdered form that requires mixing. Others, like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, come already blended and ready to use as soon as you heat it up. It will most likely include a temperature strip and a heating pad.

Warm it in the microwave per the instructions on the package. Activate the heating pad and place it along with the warm synthetic urine under cleavage, taped to the inside of your legs, other unmentionable places, or just anywhere on your body that will aid in keeping it warm until you get to the testing facility.

We recommend double-checking the temperature before you pour it in the dreaded plastic cup. And…kazaam! You’ve passed your urine screening.

The best thing about this approach is there is no interruption in your activities.


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The substitution of urine is another solution. You’ll want to make sure that they are the same gender as you and of course that they are pure of any substances that could cause you to fail.

Have them pee in a clean and sterile container no more than a couple of days before your screening. The day of the screening would be ideal. Keep it warm using the same approach as we mentioned for the synthetic and pour it into the cup at the testing facility.

Advanced detox solutions work in a short amount of time to rid your body of toxins and substances that may cause a positive result on your testing results.

There are other ways to detox your body and some ideas that don’t require you to detox at all. Drinking plenty of water and knowing how long your recreational potion of choice stays in your urine is also helpful when trying to pass a urinalysis.

If you’re interested in synthetic urine, then Quick Fix Plus 6.2 has what you need. Their synthetic urine is formulated by a chemist in the lab to contain all the natural ingredients of human urine precisely and is guaranteed to pass. Get yours today before you’re handed the plastic cup for your pee.


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