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Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Expire? [Updated Two Year Shelf Life]

Like it or not, companies and institutions we work for are the ones to set the rules we live by while in the workplace. And in most workplaces now, urine screenings are mandated. Yes, that is right, that means that what you do outside of the workplace has ramifications within the workplace. If you test positive for an illegal or banned substance while at work, (even when you were not doing it at work), it can have very negative consequences.

If you are reading this, your mind has already gone down the proverbial rabbit hole, and you are thinking of all of the possible ways that your urinalysis can go wrong and what will happen to you then. Will you still have a job? Will you be in trouble with the law? Or maybe you have already purchased the product but are now wondering how long you can use it and whether it’s reliable.

Below are some tips and tricks for storing urine sample and how to successfully pass your urinalysis.

Does Urine Expire?

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One question you may be asking is: does quick fix urine expire? And how do you store urine samples? While Quick Fix does have an expiration date, like any other product out there, the answer is that Quick fix urine is synthetic and therefore does not have the same shelf life of normal urine; consequently, it can last much longer, and it is said to have a shelf life of up to two years.

Human urine breaks down a lot quicker than synthetic urine and could not be used multiple times for urine screenings like synthetic urine can.  It can also be frozen and reheated extending this time to a much longer time frame. This process can be repeated over and over and so keeping your Quick fix urine ready for when you are called in is no problem. Having a shelf life of up to two years mean that in the right conditions, you could be having successful urine screenings for a long time with only having to pay a small amount of money.

If you are worried about when your Quick Fix product expires, you can always look up the batch number that comes with your directions sheet. If you call a Quick Fix representative with that batch number, they can find out what the specific expiration date is.

Storing Urine Sample

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Like with any product, you want to get the most out of what you buy, and in this case, that means extending the shelf life of the synthetic urine as much as possible without affecting its results. There are a couple of things you will want to do to keep your product in good condition for as long as possible.

One would be to make sure that your Quick Fix Synthetic urine does not stay exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period. Being directly in the sun, even when inside (i.e., on a window sill) can cause the Ph levels in the urine to change, which in turn can create a positive urine screening.  

You also always want to make sure that you keep the product stored in an area that is not susceptible to extreme changes in temperature or temperature conditions. Keep your product somewhere that will remain at the same temperature continuously, and the advice would be to keep it at room temperature, roughly between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Why Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is Important

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The world of nicotine testing it here, and whether we are on board or not, many of us have to face required testing. Most nicotine testing is done by taking a urine sample and then a computer checks it for two areas. The first is to be sure it matches as human urine and is not diluted; the second is for banned substances that they are in particular looking for.

The consequences of being caught with dirty urine can have a large range of effects; for athletes its disqualification and embarrassment, and for those facing court-mandated screenings, it could mean jail time or loss of individual rights. For others, it could cost them a job that was hard fought for through a long process of interviews and pre-screening.

We live in a high tech world and to combat technology you need higher technology. After a nicotine test is administered, it is sent to a lab if one is not on site, a computer analysis of the sample based on molecular structure.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is valuable because it gives you peace of mind when you are worried about your urinalysis; our state of the art synthetic formula stays ahead of the competition and the laboratories testing you.

Why Should Choose Quick Fix?

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Quick Fix Plus is a company that has created synthetic urine that can be purchased by consumers. This urine in every way is identical to human urine and would pass the most scrutinizing nicotine test as human urine, and be negative of any banned substances. Going to our “buy now” page can give you all the details you need to get the clean urine you need for any upcoming nicotine screening. When you visit the Quick Fix site, you will see the products you need and get the information you need and what the products are all about.

For roughly $39.99 you can buy a 2-ounce bottle of their synthetic urine, and they also have a 3-ounce version of Quick fix plus. We also have a 100% guarantee on our products and fast shipping!

You Can Call us Today!


To get more information on what Quick Fix plus can do for you go to and get up to date information that can answer all your questions. We also have representatives on the phone 24/7, give us a call at (866) 420-4574, and we will be happy to help. Since Quick fix plus is identical to human urine, you will be sure to ace your future nicotine tests. Look at some of our products and see the great benefits this high integrity company can do for your clean urine needs. So next time you find yourself with questions like “does urine expire?”, talk to a Quick Fix representative to set the record straight!



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