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Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus Reviews [2021] 3oz Bigger Bottle

Spectrum Labs is helping global customers by producing quality products that they can trust to help better their lives.

With a combining team of expert scientists, technical specialists and engineers, Spectrum has produced synthetic urine for customers to use for nicotine testing.

Quick Fix Plus is synthetic urine that was developed for use by both men and women. The new 3 ounce premixed synthetic urine contains all the ingredients that are normally found in the body’s urine.

When you order the synthetic urine you will see that it comes with a temperature strip on the bottle and a heating pad. Check out our collection if you want to purchase additional disposable heating pads.

The synthetic urine needs to be at a certain temperature. The heating pad and the temperature gage will help you to make sure that the synthetic urine is at the proper temperature when you are in the testing lavatory.

The bottle of urine comes in 3 ounces which are more than what you will need.

  • Take the synthetic urine with you to work in your pocket or pocketbook.
  • Use the microwave at work to heat up the synthetic urine.
  • You will want to put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. A blue dot on the temperature strip will give you the range in which the urine should be heated up to. If heating the urine for 10 seconds does not bring the urine up to the right temperature, then put it back in the microwave for about five seconds at a time. This should be plenty of time to bring the urine up to proper temperature.
  • Tape the heating pad to the opposite side of the temperature gage so you will be able to see the temperature before going into the testing site. The heating pad will keep the urine at the proper temperature for about six hours.
  • With the synthetic urine at the proper temperature, tape the bottle to the inside of your leg. You do not want the bottle in your pocket or pocketbook.
  • Locking up your pocketbook and empty your pockets before going into the bathroom.
  • Take the synthetic urine and shake it up. You want the mixture to be blended properly and at the right temperature.
  • Pour most of the synthetic urine into the cup that the attendant gave to you for your specimen. You do not want to pour it all in.

No one can give a perfect three-ounce specimen; it might raise a red flag. Also, do not add any water or other liquid to your synthetic urine.

Make sure you re-tape the bottle back to the inside of your leg when you leave the lavatory.





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