Pre-Employment Nicotine Screening? Why you need Quick Fix Urine!

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In a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking and second-hand smoke causes over 400,000 deaths, decreases worker productivity and costs near 200 million in healthcare.

If you are a nicotine user looking for a job, in a state that does NOT have smoker protection laws, your job prospects diminish. Is it fair that your life choices penalize you outside the job?

When it comes to money and the possible insurance savings, even to the promotion of a more healthy public image, you can probably see why some companies would consider not having smokers on their payroll.

Pre-employment nicotine screenings exist. In order for specific workforces to create what they feel would be a better, healthier environment, and to have a more professional team of employees, they utilize nicotine testing to decrease the number of smokers that work for their company.

The following is information that can benefit a person rewarding pre-employment nicotine screenings at work and businesses.

Why Do They Care if You Smoke?

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Considered to be a safety regulation and an improvement for businesses, pre-employment nicotine screenings and tests are given to candidates in order for workplaces to have a chance at having a potentially smoke-free place of business.

In today’s working companies, 80% require a potential worker to submit a urine sample to check for toxins in their bloodstream that are against the hiring policies of the company. Within these workplaces are companies looking for workers without a history of nicotine usage or concurring nicotine abuse.

As a potential employee, one has to acknowledge the various risks of nicotine use while carrying a job, as one can lose their job and the possibility of future employment with the same job

Nicotine screening for employment and nicotine-free workplace policies were created to promote health, to increase business, as well as to help reduce insurance premiums paid by the employer.

To save themselves money on potential insurance usage, they use the pre-employment nicotine test as a way of weeding out potential employees who could end up costing them money in the future, due to tobacco-related illnesses.

Most to all people who receive an opportunity to work in a field require going through tests for commonly abused substances, such as alcohol and recreational drugs, and now, more commonly, including nicotine.

People who are tested will be looked for commonly abused substances such as nicotine for insurance purposes, which is seemingly only relevant to the employer’s bottom line.

Taking the Nicotine Screening Test

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Taking a pre-employment nicotine urine test is not different than any other urine test. Before taking this test, one must advise the testing lab about all prescription medicines they are taking during this time.

Proof of such prescriptions will be needed before going to the test lab, as medical laboratories will be looking for these. All individual employers will choose what common substance they are looking for in a potential employee, or rather what common substance they are trying to avoid in their workforce.

All employers and working businesses are different when requiring a nicotine test since all working places are contrasting in their terms and conditions. People who refuse to take the pre-employment nicotine test or don’t come to take the test will no longer be considered for employment.

All regular tests are directed by licensed and independent medical laboratories that are trained in conducting nicotine screenings and other familiar tests.

Testing undergoes through a simple urine sample, collected from the candidate, that can determine what chemicals can appear within the urine.

Retests can be considered if one wishes to retake the test, for either personal reasons or a possible mistake in the results acquired.

Can I Retake the Test?

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If a person’s test comes back with positive nicotine results, the medical lab will conduct a second testing to make sure there were no mistakes committed on their part.

If the test comes out positive again, then the person is handed the test results and is given a notice that they are no longer able to become an employee of a certain business. All persons who took the test have the right to ask for the lab to explain their tests results, as well as for the lab to keep all personal information from going to outside sources.

Again, retaking the test can be possible if one believes that the test results were not correct. If one is considered positive in their nicotine test, one must be able to abandon all nicotine consumption and try again.

But waiting for the nicotine to clear your bloodstream will take anywhere from 4 days, with infrequent use, up to 3 weeks. But do you have that kind of time? Probably not.

The above has been a small portion of the information available that concerns pre-employment nicotine screenings and tests.

Whenever there is a chance of doing personal research, learn the other many consequences that can occur to one if they are returned with a positive test result, or just take a deep breath and realize that there is a quick and easy way to get the negative test results you need to nail and/or keep the job.

Quick Fix 6.0 Urine to the Rescue

Here is why you should consider using Quick fix 6.2 urine. It was created with you in mind. Our synthetic urine is formulated to look, smell, and test like real urine but without any of the toxins, including nicotine.

All you need to do is purchase it, follow the instructions, and you will have the toxin-free urine substitute you need to give you the results you want.

Privacy and care are always included when one takes the nicotine test, as many people can consider the possibility of using synthetic urine in order to pass the test and protect their privacy.

One can easily acquire synthetic urine from trusted sources and markets on the web such as, and take the worry out of pre-employment nicotine testing.

For more information about Quick Fix 6.2 Urine, check out our website or contact us. We are more than happy to help you remove the stress of a pre-employment nicotine urine test while allowing you to continue to live your life as you choose.



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