Everything You Need to Know About the Macujo Method


Screenings can be daunting endeavors, especially if you have smoked regularly or recently. Hair follicle testing is an even scarier proposition as the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana remains in the hair for up to three months. Fortunately, there is the Macujo Method.

The Macujo Method has been around for nearly two decades. The process is unorthodox and hard on the scalp, but the results speak for themselves. Many people have sworn by this method, which has catapulted the Macujo Method to fame, increasing its credibility and popularity.

What is the Macujo Method?

The method was created in the early 2000s and is named after its inventor. Since then, thousands of people have successfully used it.

The Macujo Method works because it targets the metabolites in the strands of hair. Marijuana tests do not test for THC; they look for the metabolites that cling to the fat cells. These are particularly difficult to remove from the hair.

So, how does the process work? The first step is to expose your hair to an acid, which in this case is vinegar. A combination of shampoo and detergent is then used to loosen the hair. Specific detox shampoo is used as the final step to removing the THC [1] metabolites from your hair follicles.

Items You Need for the Macujo Method

  • Heinz vinegar: available online and at your local grocery stores.
  • Aloe Toxin Rid detox shampoo: this shampoo is one of the older formulas, which make it pricey. The specific formula includes propylene glycol [2], which is at the foundation of the Macujo Method. Watch out for fake versions of the shampoo—one of the most reliable options is to use com.
  • Tide detergent: any form of Tide laundry detergent will work.
  • Clean and Clark pink: the key here is to have a shampoo that contains salicylic acid [3]. If Clean and Clark pink is not available, try Neutrogena T/Sal.
  • Goggles and rubber gloves: for protection against the chemical elements of the process

Step-by-Step Instructions for trying the Macujo Method

Step 1: Do not smoke or consume THC for at least ten days before using the Macujo Method.                     Marijuana detox hair


Step 2: Wet your hair with warm water. Do not agitate the hair all the way, though. Then, put on the goggles and the rubber gloves.

Step 3: Pour the Heinz vinegar directly onto your scalp. Make sure you massage the vinegar into every part of the scalp. Do not rinse it out.

Step 4: Apply the Clean and Clark pink, or whatever salicylic shampoo you have on hand. Place a generous amount on your head for adequate cover. Rub it thoroughly into your hair. Feel free to apply the vinegar-shampoo combination to your eyebrows, forehead, and ears, too. Note: you may feel a mild burning sensation.

Step 5: Let the mixture rest for approximately thirty minutes.

Step 6: Wash your hair with Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. Make sure you have the old formula which contains propylene glycol. Scrub deeply and then rinse the hair thoroughly.

Step 7: Wash your hair again using Tide detergent instead of shampoo.

Repeat Step One through Seven according to the number of days you have left before the hair screening to effectively remove THC and metabolites from your hair follicle.

The goal is to perform the Macujo Method at least five times before the hair follicle drug test. If you have one week to wait, then do it daily. If you only have three days, you will need to use the Macujo Method twice per day.

Remember, consistency is king, and diligently following these steps will yield the best possible results. Do not skip steps or rush through the 30-minute setting process, for example. It should need to be said, but smoking weed during this time will undermine all the hard work—so, abstinence is vital.

Also, please use caution when trying the Macujo Method for the first time. Improper application of ingredients can lead to skin and eye irritation, and further complications. These possible side-effects are why we strongly recommend using goggles when treating your hair.

Does the Macujo Method Work and Guarantee Success?

There is a method to the madness, which is why people come back to the Macujo Method for the hair follicle drug test. The strategic approach successfully targets the metabolites in your hair follicle that would otherwise produce a positive result. There are no foolproof studies, but general estimates indicate the approach works ninety percent of the time.

There are countless examples of social media posters and bloggers who vouch for the effectiveness of this method. There are also laboratory and clinical specialists who will tell you the opposite, however. The fact the Macujo Method is still around today speaks volumes about its overall success.

What the Macujo Method does not promise is a guaranteed success. Despite its track record, this method does not work for everyone. To ensure the best results, it is essential that users adhere strictly to the guidelines and do not smoke during the days before the screening.

How Does the Macujo Method Compare to Other Methods?

The Jerry G Method is the other iconic process that people use to clean substances from hair. It is an eight-step procedure that exposes hair to chemicals, changing both the composition and the texture of the hair. Similarly, it requires abstinence from smoking for ten to fourteen days prior to the screening.

The primary difference between the two methods is the chemicals involved. The Jerry G Method uses bleach, dyes, baking soda paste, and shampoo to detoxify the hair. One of the reasons why the Jerry G Method has garnered so much attention is that it is cheaper than the Macujo Method and can be performed in a relatively short time before the hair follicle drug test.

It does have its drawbacks, however. It is not foolproof and includes a high chance of failure despite the recorded success rates. The method can also cause skin irritation and severely damage your hair. The Jerry G Method is slightly cheaper, then, but has more corrosive effects on your follicles and the results are not as consistent as the Macujo Method.

Advantages of the Macujo Method

The Success Rate: research suggests the method works ninety percent of the time, which is reasonable. If you could hit a homerun ninety percent of the time, you’d be a winner.

It is worth mentioning that the Macujo Method caters to marijuana users. There is no clear evidence it will work for opiates, barbiturates, or any other substances. The process specifically targets THC, which is found in weed.

No Permanent Hair Damage: This benefit is a significant reason people chose the Macujo Method. While the process is not pleasant, you don’t have to worry about irrevocably changing the chemistry of your hair. The same cannot be said for the Jerry G Method, however.

Disadvantages of the Macujo Method

It’s Rough on Your Scalp: While not as detrimental as Jerry G, the Macujo Method can irritate your skin. You will notice a mild burning sensation from the combination of the vinegar and shampoo. The mixture can also leave hair drier and frizzier.

Time Consuming: One of the reasons the Macujo Method works is repetition. Detoxing your hair daily or twice-daily reinforces positive results. Letting the vinegar and shampoo mixture sit for thirty minutes at a time can add up, however, in addition to the other work.

The reason for the thorough repetition is because the Macujo Method only cleans the visible hairs on your scalp. Any hair follicle that are growing below the surface of the scalp will still contain the THC metabolites and will require cleaning.

Final Thoughts

The best way to detoxify your hair for hair follicle drug test is through abstinence from marijuana. The body typically needs three to four months to flush out any lingering drug remnants thoroughly.

When you want a reliable way to get rid of any toxins, the Macujo Method is one of your best options. The process requires a minor financial investment and some commitment from the user. Taking the time to do each step correctly will almost guarantee success.

The Macujo Method also doesn’t leave users with the damaging effects after Jerry G. There is some irritation that comes with the terrain, but it beats having to bleach your hair or put your vision at risk. Unless the price is a strong consideration for your choice of method, it is best to go with the Macujo Method.


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