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Quick Fix New Formula Facts [Updated 6.3 Version]

Whatever your reasoning for needing Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine we have you covered. Quick Fix is the number one company for fake urine in the world. Our discreet packaging is rated top in the world for fast and safe delivery.

We are the number one company in the world for providing reliable and accurate synthetic urine. Just Google it and see why. If you need our product in bulk, we have sales that will save you money on larger quantities of our product, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Some toxins humans come across can alter a pee test even when you haven’t done anything against the company’s policy, so we have made it our goal to provide the closest thing possible to real human urine to protect your privacy.

Guaranteed Quick Fix

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We have a 100% money back guarantee if our product does not work the way it is supposed to. We only ask that you obtain the results of the test, so we know for sure that our product failed, and then we can issue your money back.

Quick Fix does have a 99% pass rate for the past nine years, so we pride ourselves in making a perfect product. The small margin of fails has been because the product was not used correctly and was mishandled.

Cannot Be Detected By Labs

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We know for a fact that lab tests do not detect our synthetic urine, and we assure you it will pass as real pee. We make our urine with the same properties found in real urine and copy its molecular structure so that it is undetectable.

We also test our synthetics in our lab to ensure that it will pass as urine for any gender, and any age. Our detailed instructions will give you all the information you need on the proper usage of our product.

Urine Temperature is CRITICAL

Thermometer showing ninety degree

Proper body temperature plays a big part in disguising the urine as actual bodily fluid. We offer two options;

The First Option: Microwave the product for about ten seconds or until the temperature strip reads between 90-99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heating up the sample immediately before use will work if you know exactly where and what time your test will be at so you can plan the timing accordingly. It’s not uncommon to not have ever used the test site or having to commute to the test site.

Commutes are unpredictable, so the fake pee most likely will not stay that temperature during your commute, but that’s no problem since we include a heating pad you can shake and attach to the bottle to keep it warm.

Second Option: You can attach it to your body and let your natural warmth keep it at a high enough temperature. Women can keep it close to your bra or underwear, and men should keep it near their underwear also.

Leaving it in your pocket is not recommended since most places will conduct a general search and will look in your pockets and any place that can visibly hide an object.

If you aren’t entirely sure when your test is going to be, we suggest keeping it in your car or purse. Then you can take the heating pad and place it on the product and secure it using the rubber band provided. Afterward, you can store it on your leg or near your bra, and it will be good to go.

Quick Fix Shelf Life is Exceptional

Another point of pride is that the shelf life of Quick Fix is two years, the longest standing shelf life of any other synthetic urine products out there.

Our goal is to ensure that you pass your urine test. To help aid in your success, we have included a green insert that will show your batch number, which is the manufacturing date.

On the insert, you will also find complete directions. The only place with the instructions is on the green sheet, so please be careful not to lose the insert.

Product Quality Standard

Red superior quality stamp with wooden stamper

You can confirm your batch number by calling Spectrum Labs to ensure there are no recalls. You most likely won’t be able to understand your batch number, and we do this on purpose to ensure you’re getting our product and not a counterfeit.

Spectrum Labs will know what you’re talking about when you call so do not fear if the system confuses you. Spectrum Labs can walk you through the steps to verify.

Need More Pee?

If you find yourself needing a larger quantity synthetic urine, you may mix the two as long as they are from the same batch. Storing your Quick Fix is very simple, so you do not need to freeze it or have it a specific temperature in the fridge.

Just leave it at room temperature and keep out of direct sunlight as direct UV rays can alter the pH levels and make it unusable.  If you accidentally freeze your Quick Fix just let it thaw out and it will still be usable.

Didn’t Follow The Directions to a “T”

Sometimes mistakes can be made during the heating process, and most of the time the solution is to just let it cool down.

Overheating can cause your temperature strip to be unreadable, so give it time to cool down until the green strip appears. Be patient as sometimes it does take a while for it to cool down, but it will still be usable afterward.

What to NOT Do When Using Synthetic Urine

Make sure not to add anything to your Quick Fix since it is made correctly to imitate your urine. Also, do not remove it from its original bottle to ensure the formula is not contaminated.

Pour-and-Go Pass Your Test

Quick Fix 6.2 urine

We package our product ready for the pour-and-go stage, so there is no need to pour it into another container. We also measured out precisely 2 oz for each package, and it is the exact amount needed to reach the line in the cup.

We also offer a Quick Fix Plus that offers one more ounce that will fill the cup up one more line. We do recommend the extra ounce if this is your first time since there may be spillage from the container.

Discretion Paramount

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When purchasing and receiving the Quick Fix product we are profoundly aware that discretion is a big deal. Your billing statement will show a purchase from “CA LOGISTICS,” and it will also be on the otherwise unmarked box that the Quick Fix ships.   

Our shipping is three times the usual daily mail speed so that it will be there as quick as possible. Any products ordered before 5 pm EST will be included in overnight shipping and will arrive the next day. Any orders placed after that time will come the next business day as we currently do not have Saturday shipping.

Quick Fix wants everyone to feel that they have the right to consume what they wish without it affecting your working environment.

We ensure that you will pass your urine test with flying colors and have made the instructions as clear and easy as possible. We keep our number one ranking for a reason, and we plan on keeping it that way.

Try Quick Fix Plus today and keep doing what you’re doing without fear!






About Chris Wilder

Chris Wilder spent many years working as a part-time phlebotomist, [and yes he knows all the vampire jokes] while honing his writing skills. In 2017 he gave up playing around with blood to become a full-time writer. While dealing with blood might seem a cold and analytical vocation, his role of phlebotomist required dealing with nervous patients who needed plenty of empathy and compassion, Chris has carried this over to his written work. He believes that Quick Fix Synthetic products are the best chance of success. With his wide knowledge in this field and his understanding of how urine drug tests can affect the lives of everyday people like you and me, Chris can explain in layman's turns all the important information you need to know. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends and check out local bands drinking a glass or two of his favorite Makers Mark Bourbon, while enjoying a recreational smoke. To keep himself in shape he takes extremely short walks with Lola, his incredibly lazy pet pug.