Clean Urine

Should I Use Somebody Else’s Clean Urine for a Screening?

Clean Urine

Countless people across the country find themselves taking urine tests every day.

Just because you have little time does not mean failure is imminent. You have several options to consider, including using somebody else’s clean urine or synthetic urine. The following questions and answers will provide you the pros and cons to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Is Using Someone Else’s Urine Legal?

The legality of using someone else’s urine depends on the situation. If you are taking a court-ordered urine test, then there will be legal ramifications if you are caught using a fake sample. For instance, using someone else’s pee might violate the terms of your parole and send you back to jail.

Using substitute urine for a screening in the workplace does not have the same legal consequences, but the outcomes are just as severe.

Getting caught with substitution urine for a screening all but guarantees you will be fired. Similarly, if the person assisting you is a fellow employee, they are liable to lose their job, too.

Risks for Urine Substitution

Context is important. Depending on the requirements of the test, you may be able allowed to create the sample at home, or you might need to do it in front of a tester.

There are many factors when it comes to urine tests, and knowing what type you will have to take goes a long way in determining your margin for error.

Let’s say you can take the urine container home and return it to the lab at your leisure. In these cases, you may decide to use someone else’s clean urine. If you do choose this road, knowing how to store pee properly can make all the difference.

The best way to store urine is immediately after creating the sample. After putting the clean urine into an airtight container, place it in a refrigerator that is approximately 39 degrees.

The low temperature will reduce the chance of the urine degrading due to any bacteria that may have been introduced via accidental contamination.

How long can you store pee? The above method can preserve a clean sample anywhere from six months to a year. Storing a urine sample might be a luxury, though. If you have to take an on-site test, there are significant risk factors to consider with a urine substitution:


Fake Urine Temperature

Reaching the right temperature is essential.

Fresh urine should be between 90 and 100 degrees. The longer the sample is outside, the more likely it is to cool down to a point outside of this range.

Keeping a fresh urine sample warm is vital—and tricky. Viable options include hand warmers, heating pads, and microwaves. If you do not have any of these available, keep the sealed sample in contact with your skin; your body heat moderates the temperature.

Getting Caught

CaughtDoing anything that is against the rules comes with the risk of getting caught. This risk means you have to consider the way you conceal the urine, as well as your behavior when you go to produce the sample.

Proceeding as naturally as possible will increase your odds of success.

Remember, getting caught could have dire consequences, depending on your situation. The process of urine substitution is risky, so take every precaution possible to stay calm. That, or you can use synthetic urine.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is artificial pee. The pee-like substance has human characteristics that make it possible for a user to pass a screening. Currently, synthetic urine is legal in all states except for New Hampshire and Indiana, which banned the product’s sale in 2017.

Benefits of Synthetic Urine

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You Don’t Have to Stop Smoking

This is a marked benefit if you are a frequent toxin user. People using pills, medicine, psychoactive substances, or other unacceptable substances will also see the same gratification.

No Risk for Dilution

While your body naturally detoxifies over time, many people will try to speed up the process through diet and exercise in hopes of producing a clean sample.

The logic here is sound, as a higher metabolism and lower body fat content mean your urine is less likely to flag as a positive result on a screening. There is a risk of dilution, though.

People may consume too much water while dieting and exercising, which then dilutes their sample. This likely means the individual will have to retake the test and go through the process of detoxifying again.

Fortunately, synthetic urine is made specifically to have a proper amount of hydration in each sample.

Synthetic Urine is Affordable

You can expect to pay $20 to $30 for a two or three-ounce sample of synthetic urine. Considering that is all you need to fill a urine collection container, you’ll be golden (no pun intended).

Even if spending that amount of money seems like a lot for such a small sample, consider how much it’s worth to you to keep your job or maintain whatever other status quo is at stake.

Risks of Synthetic Urine

Getting Caught

This is a significant concern, especially if you cannot properly store the synthetic urine sample. Fortunately, the fake pee industry has a wide range of products to maximize your chances of passing the test.

There are synthetic urine pouches in all shapes and sizes that you can put in your underwear or around your waist; there are even fake genitals.

All Synthetic Urine Is Not the Same

This is the part of the article where we emphasize the importance of high-grade synthetic urine. Your job and your livelihood are worth the few extra dollars you might spend on fake pee.

All synthetic urine is not made equal, and you should not risk settling for anything less than the best.

Make sure to do your research before purchasing a product. While temperature is the most distinct characteristic to consider when delivering the sample, you should be confident that the composition of the fake pee is passable, too.

Common signs of fake urine include inaccurate levels of creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and incorrect odor.

How to Best Store a Synthetic Urine Sample

Synthetic urine needs to be appropriately stored, just like the real stuff. This precaution will ensure everything—from the color to the odor—is correct when you deliver it. Properly storing your urine sample will dramatically increase the likelihood of passing it off as the real thing.

What to Look for in Synthetic Urine

Color, odor, and temperature the most critical traits to consider when handling fake pee. For instance, the synthetic urine will darken in color over time and emit a foul(er) smell if improperly stored. Make sure the synthetic pee looks and smells like the real thing before submitting it.

Similarly, synthetic urine must be delivered warm. There are tips on how to do that below.

How to Refrigerate Synthetic Urine

Air is the ultimate enemy here. Exposure to air can ruin synthetic pee in the same way exposure it can spoil food. When storing your fake pee, make sure the container is airtight and sterile. This preventative maintenance minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination.

Refrigerate the fake urine if you do not plan on using it immediately. You can refrigerate a newly-mixed synthetic sample for up to 24 hours. Any storage longer than that requires freezing.

How to Warm Synthetic Urine

The synthetic urine needs to be approximately the same temperature as your body when it is delivered. There are three ways to do this; the most reliable method is a heating pad.

Place the synthetic sample on the heating pad and closely monitor the temperature until it is accurate. Hand warmers can work as an alternative.

Microwaving the sample is an option too, though it lacks the nuance users desire. Microwaving a synthetic sample presents the possibility of overheating the fake pee. The integrity of the sample may be ruined if this happens.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to use someone else’s clean urine sample or a synthetic one. Each method has distinct pros and cons, so you will have to weigh both sides to figure out what works best for your situation.



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