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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

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Quick Fix Urine is the best synthetic urine on the market. Spectrum Labs has perfected a laboratory process that allows them to create a synthetic urine free of toxins and cleaner and fresher than urine created in the human body.

The synthetic urine, regarded by some as the best synthetic urine available to buy, has all of the desirable properties of natural urine. These include the proper pH, specific gravity, creatinine levels, and other characteristics.

Quick Fix is also a unisex synthetic urine, as it can be used to replicate the urine of a person of either sex.

What Comes In The Box?

QuickFix Synthetic Single

Every box of Quick Fix 6.2 Plus includes either a two-ounce or three-ounce bottle of synthetic urine, a heat pack, a flip-top cap, and a temperature strip.

One of the reasons Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine is its ease of use. To use Quick Fix, just open the bottle and heat it in the microwave for ten seconds.  Once you’ve heated it, close the bottle and shake it to distribute the heat evenly.

After shaking the bottle, check the temperature of the liquid with the included temperature strip. If the temperature is correct, affix the heat pack to the bottle. This heat pack will enable the retention of the heat by the synthetic urine for up to eight hours.

If necessary, you can reheat the substance as much as necessary with hand warmers.

Six Things Synthetic Urine Can Be Used For

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1. Scientific Purposes

Quick Fix is the best synthetic urine for scientific purposes. Its unique properties allow it to be reheated an indefinite number of times, while still perfectly replicating the characteristics of human urine.

This means that you can use it to calibrate laboratory equipment at a price much lower than that of other urine substitutes.

It is also used for learning purposes. When students are studying to become medical professionals they typically use “fake” blood and body fluids until they are used to dealing with such fluids in a safe, non-hazardous manner.

Synthetic urine has turned out to be the perfect product when people are learning how to do urine dipstick tests, a skill which is later used in doctors offices and hospitals.

In both of the above incidences, having a safe alternative to using real human urine is has become the standard related to health and safety.

2. Healing Properties

While it is not recommended that Quick Fix is used internally, some believe that urine has powerful healing effects on the body. This practice is especially prevalent in India, where believers in Ayurveda use urine medicinally in a practice known as Amaroli.

3. Urinalysis Testing

Quick Fix has also been used by people who are scheduled to have a urinalysis, to check for toxins in their urine, who feel that their urinalysis may come up with positive results.

When they don’t feel they have enough time to detox before they are scheduled to test, they have been able to purchase and use Quick Fix to help them solve their problem. Instead of using their own urine for the test, they substitute our synthetic urine, also known as “fake pee,” and their urinalysis results come out with the clearance they are looking for.

There is a warning to mention here. When using synthetic urine to get negative toxicology result in a scheduled urinalysis, make sure to read the instructions, and by all means, don’t hand a lab technician a container of cold urine. Fresh urine is ALWAYS warm.

4. Sexual Play and Urine Fetish

Quick Fix is also regarded by many as the best synthetic urine on the market for fetish purposes. A urine fetish that enhances the sexual desires of some people has been well-documented for quite some time. This practice is called Urolagnia.

As normal urine has the potential to carry bacteria and diseases, it is not safe nor suitable for use in urine fetish play.

Quick Fix synthetic urine contains none of the impurities of naturally-occurring urine and makes for a healthier erotic experience without losing any of the properties of urine that makes it appealing to those with a urine fetish.

5. Pranks

Last but not least, Quick Fix can be used for pranks! Quick Fix synthetic urine can provide a hilarious surprise with none of the health risks resulting from the toxins in human urine.

6. Testing Disposable Diapers and Incontinence Pads and Briefs

Disposable diapers are not a new thing; neither are incontinence pads or briefs. Many companies provide these items for use, but how do we know what diapers, pads or briefs will actually do the job?

After all, it’s important to know that your infant, you, or your elderly loved one will not end up soaked in urine. Plus, when urine sits against the skin for too long, the ammonia in the urine can cause the skin to break down.

What better way for companies to test their products than to use synthetic urine? It is safe for them to use in wide-scale testing and, because it mimics real urine, the test results will give a more accurate picture of how well these products will work.

Synthetic urine, or “fake pee,” is not a new product. It has been in use for quite some time for the reasons mentioned above and more. But be careful. All “fake pee” is not equal.

Depending on your needs, when considering purchasing synthetic urine, having a good product that will get you the results you are looking for is crucial. Let us go as far as to say: If you are going to buy synthetic urine, make sure you are getting a product that is as close to human urine as possible.

If you have the best from the beginning, you don’t have to worry about it doing what you need it to do, and Quick Fix is a great place to start your search. Click here, and see what we have to offer.



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