The Best THC Detox Methods


It is time for marijuana detox. You might even want a fresh start, to turn over a new leaf.

Whatever the reason, there are options abound when it comes to choosing a detox method. The best marijuana detox method for you will depend on a few unique factors, including personal preferences, budget, and time frame. In case the company you work at requests a random drug screening, make sure you have a Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 Plus.

Below is everything you need to know to find a THC detox method that works best for you.

What Is THC Detoxing?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in marijuana that elicits psychoactive effects. When consumed, the body breaks down the THC into metabolites.

The goal of THC detoxing is to cleanse the body of any traces of THC. People can achieve a full detoxification through natural means or with a THC detox kit.

THC Detox Methods That Do Not Work

While there are plenty of reputable detox methods, there is also an abundance of quick-fix solutions and bogus claims. Avoid plans that offer miraculous results using cranberry juice, vinegar, detox teas, and excessive water consumption. Under no circumstance should you try the drinking bleach—it will not detox your body overnight as some remedies suggest.

THC Detox Methods That Work

The first three options center around a natural detoxification of your body over six weeks, as opposed to using fake urine. These are among the most reliable methods to cleanse yourself of all traces of cannabis. Not only are these methods the most thorough, but they also improve your overall health.

Before diving into the analysis, there are a few helpful suggestions which supplement these detox methods. For instance, drinking tea is a fantastic way to increase your intake of liver-cleansing antioxidants. You should also consider drinking more water, minimizing stress in your life, and prioritizing your mental health.


Abstinence may be reasonably obvious, but it is the most effective way to detox. It’s impossible to fail when you haven’t consumed THC leading up to the test.

This process relies on the body itself to naturally eliminate THC. While the effects of THC wear off after a few hours, the substance can remain in urine for at least thirty days, in blood for at least sixty days, and in hair follicles for up to ninety days. The length of abstinence will depend on weight, frequency of use, and metabolism.


Exercise is a close second when it comes to the best THC detox methods. THC is fat-soluble, which means it will accumulate in fatty tissue. Exercise breaks down those fat cells, which can speed up the detoxification process.

People with more fat cells have the space to store THC, so it takes longer for them to detox through exercise. Regardless of your size, though, you need to focus on activities that boost metabolism—like cycling, running, basketball, and cardio.

As an added benefit, your body will release endorphins, which trigger that happy feeling.

Healthy Eating

The body’s ability to detox is strongly correlated with its ability to metabolize THC. Therefore, it is essential to eat protein-rich foods, as well as those with high levels of vitamins and minerals. Excellent food choices include eggs, lentils, whole-grain bread, avocado, fish, nuts, seeds, and coffee.

Conversely, stay away from all processed foods and those high in sodium, sugar, and fat. These foods will slow down the detoxification process by increasing your water retention and slowing your metabolism. Processed foods do everything possible to mitigate the THC cleansing process.

The Best THC Detox Kits

There are hundreds of options on the market claiming to be the best THC detox kit. There is no shortage of diversity either, with options ranging from vegan probiotics to herbal supplements to bentonite clay, which you apply to your skin and drink.

Here is our list of the four best THC detox kits available on the market right now.

10-Day Detox by TOXIN RID

Straightforward. Effective. Successful. The 10-Day Detox by TOXIN RID is everything users want in detoxification.

All you have to do is take three tablets an hour for five hours over nine days—do not exceed fifteen tablets in a day. Make sure you eat a diet high in fiber, protein, and water, and you are good to go.

10-Day Detox also comes with a THC detox drink for the final day. Two hours after finishing the last series of pills, drink half the liquid with a large glass of water or orange juice. Do not eat for two hours after this.

Fast for two hours before repeating the process.

The process is completely natural and contains no fillers, synthetics, or animal products. Instead, it focuses on providing the body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to facilitate the detoxification process. It can successfully remove THC from your blood, urine, and hair in about ten days.

The THC detox kit also comes with optional dietary fiber to improve digestion. Users can insert these packs into tap water to facilitate the detoxification process. The dietary fiber should be used after the first two stages are complete.

TOXIN RID claims their kit is “so powerful, it can safely detoxify your system even if you’ve been exposed to extreme levels of toxins.” While the $189.95 price tag is steep, 10-Day Detox is one of the most highly rated products on the market. It also comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Rescue 5-Day Full Body Detox

Rescue 5-Day Full Body Detox from Amazon claims it can provide a permanent detox in five days. The kit uses pills, which are meant to cleanse the body from everything, including cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and alcohol. The manufacturers also claim the capsules will eliminate any free radicals in the body.

The 5-Day Kit contains four different types of pills. On the first day, take the four Headstart formula pills with two large glasses of water. This step primes your body for the detoxification.

Each morning for the next few days, take the morning formula pills with two large glasses of water. In the evening, repeat this process with the evening formula pills. Make sure to do the evening step an hour before you eat.

Finally, on the morning after you finish the Rescue 5-Day Full Body Detox, take the four finisher pills and drink two large glasses of water. The day of your test, ingest the eight Rescue Detox ICE tablets. These have the same effect as a detox drink, but in pill form.

While these steps might sound complicated, the process is rather straightforward. It boils down to taking pills and drinking a lot of water. It also claims to be an effective detox for a wide range of substances beyond THC.

The results of the 5-Day Kit work best when combined with a natural detox. Additionally, the pills come with natural ingredients, so you do not have to worry about consuming synthetic or artificial materials. You can buy the product online or at your local retailer for $20 to $25.

Stinger 7-Day Total Detox Drink

The Stinger 7-Day Total Detox Drink is specially formulated to remove unwanted toxins from the body in one week. Like Rescue 5-Day, it also claims to be effective against more than THC. The manufacturers confidently claim that it can permanently remove traces of weed, cocaine, nicotine, methamphetamines, and alcohol.

The drink works because it utilizes a unique blend of vitamins and minerals. The combination is tailored to improve the body’s natural detoxification mechanism. This straightforward approach is powerful and removes the unwanted toxins quickly.

The instructions are the easiest of the lot.

Start with a two-day natural detox leading up to the drink. Then, consume one tablespoon of Stinger 7-Day Total Detox Drink between each meal in the morning and evening.

Users can also combine the detox liquid with a glass of water or fruit juice. Make sure to accurately measure the dosage, though, which will vary based on a person’s size.

The manufacturers do not recommend taking the detox drink in conjunction with any over-the-counter medication as adverse interactions may occur. Stinger 7-Day Total Detox Drink is available at local retailers and typically costs between $15 and $30.

Premium Detox 7-Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program

When you are ready for a full-body toxin flush, there is the Premium Detox 7-Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program. It works to process a wide range of metabolic waste from meth to marijuana, much faster than your body could do so by itself. Even heavyweight users, and those with long histories of drug use, can benefit from this program.

The kit contains three different products to complement the prescribed diet and exercise. It starts with morning and evening supplements and provides a natural boost of vitamins and botanicals each day. These supplements alone should result in a discernible improvement in your quality of life.

The program also includes Jump Start capsules. The capsules provide the best possible chance of passing the test, even if you have not had the full seven days to detox.

The step-by-step cleanse is almost guaranteed to restore your system and boost your health. You can buy the Premium Detox 7-Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program at your local Walgreens or GNC. It typically retails for $25.

Final Thoughts

The best THC detox kit is whatever works best for you. Each of the methods we mentioned has distinct strengths. We highly recommend combining a THC detox kit with several of the natural cleansing options.

A multi-pronged approach will ensure your body has the best odds of flushing out all traces of THC. Being proactive and committed to these processes is equally vital as small deviations may undercut your hard work. Regardless of which options you select, you should feel better at the end of it.



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