Different Uses for Fake Pee

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To be on the legal side of things in 2019, it is wise for you to consider that you’re buying your fake urine for reasons other than urinalysis or screenings. Better yet, the guy at the local store needs to consider this.

Screenings are probably the very first thing anyone thinks of when they hear about synthetic urine, and many people do use their kits to pass a urine test. In most cases, however, it is probably best that you not come right out and say that.

There are several other uses for fake pee that may surprise you. In many cases, you can use it for hunting, pee fetish purposes, and even prank your friend. Don’t believe me? Read on, and you’ll find out about the many uses for Quick Fix products.

Game On For Hunters

Hunters use synthetic animal urine to attract deer and other prey during hunting season. Conversely, it masks human scents. No hunter wants to miss the perfect shot because an animal gets spooked by the scent.

Wildlife photographers also use synthetic urine to attract specific animals who may not have gotten the memo about their photo shoot. Gardeners and farmers can use fake pee to repel unwanted animals that wreak havoc on the crops. Tired of deer nibbling up your roses? Synthetic urine to the rescue.

Pee Fetish

Some people experience urophilia, or sexual excitement that comes from watching another person urinate. This form of sex play has inherent dangers, since human urine can carry communicable diseases.

Partners may be understandably hesitant to participate. With Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, however, those with a pee fetish can take the worry out of this scenario. Pee fetishists can freely enjoy themselves with our safe product. This is a healthy way to engage in urophilia sex play.

Take Pranks To A New Level

Do a quick YouTube search, and you’ll rapidly discover that using synthetic pee to prank friends and family is way more popular than you might think. From pretending to pee on a girlfriend to pretending to drink a bottle of urine, this level of prank has a huge following.

Let Quick Fix Synthetic Urine help you level up your practical joke game with our products. And be sure to have the camera rolling for your own unforgettable YouTube moment.

Product Testing

In the world of carpet shampooers and carpet cleaning products, many manufacturers and salespeople rely on synthetic urine to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.

Quick Fix gives them a product that closely simulates the real thing, allowing them to provide an accurate demonstration of their product’s effectiveness in cleaning up true urine stains and messes. Diaper manufacturers also may use fake pee to test and develop their products to high industry standards.

Laboratory Testing

Among the many uses for synthetic urine, lab testing is one of the most common. Because Quick Fix synthetic urine is just like human urine, it can be used as an alternative for clinical trials and lab testing.

Quick fix urine can also be used to calibrate lab equipment which uses normal human urine for testing. The makers of Quick Fix have created this synthetic blend to be highly accurate and completely identical to urine found in the human body; that’s what makes this synthetic urine the most popular and trusted brand on the market.

Medical and Scientific Fields

Medical and nursing schools often use fake urine for practicing students as a safe way to learn how to administer urinalysis and drug screening tests. And in the world of medical research, scientists use synthetic pee as they work to develop tests for various illnesses.

Scientists also are using synthetic urine in research aimed at figuring out how humans could travel to Mars. Because it is impossible for a spacecraft to carry enough food for travelers to survive that long of a journey, researchers are looking for ways to sustainably grow food on board during the potential intergalactic flight. Scientists and testers use both human and synthetic urine in these studies.

What’s In Your Bottle? 

As you can see, synthetic urine has many uses in today’s marketplace, from personal to medical to commercial. It is a safe, realistic product that mimics human urine for a variety of purposes.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a laboratory-created synthetic blend of urine-like formula that is used to help protect your privacy and keep your lifestyle safe and sound.

Urine is produced naturally by your body, but it can be tainted with harsh additives and may contain traces of substances that are, by all means, your private matters. And of course, natural human urine can carry bacteria and viruses.

The synthetic mix created by Spectrum Labs is carefully engineered to perfection in a laboratory environment for the best results possible.

Quick Fix Urine is professionally balanced to mimic all the natural components of real human urine, including using the proper pH levels, creatine and other human urine characteristics that are found naturally in our urine. My personal favorite “novelty urine” kit is outlined below.

Quick Fix 6.2 & Quick Fix 6.2 Plus

Each box of regular Quick Fix Urine 6.2 contains only 2 ounces of the synthetic urine, while each box of the Quick Fix 6.2 “PLUS” version contains 3 whole ounces of synthetic urine blend for those who may need the extra ounce of urine.

Besides the main synthetic urine product, each kit also contains a bottle with a pour spout lid and a heating pad that is attached to the bottle and a temperature strip to make sure the synthetic urine is kept at the correct temp for proper testing.

Take a a look at some of our other products and accessories, such as our urine heating pad and our synthetic urine belt.

While there is no word yet on whether or not fake pee can work on a jellyfish sting, it clearly has many uses. So if anyone cares to ask you why you’re buying boxed pee, you can tell them you’re an avid hunter, and it attracts prey.

Or you’re a medical student practicing how to administer urinalysis tests. Or, just maybe, you’re developing a new diaper. Any way you look at it, Quick Fix has you covered.






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