How To Pass A Urine Test

How to Pass a Self-Administered Urine Test

How To Pass A Urine Test

A urine test can be a daunting and harrowing experience. Not only do you have to deal with the anxiety leading up to the test, but you also have to grapple with doubts about whether you will or won’t pass. We are here to make sure you do.

There is usually a lot riding on a urine drug test. It could be a prerequisite for obtaining a job, or your employer may require regular drug tests. Or maybe the urine test is part of a court order or probation.

Whatever the reason, you should be confident in your ability to pass.

The following question and answer section will provide you all the information you need to beat the system.

What is a Urine Test and How Does it Work?

A urine test is self-explanatory. You pee into a container. A lab worker will then dip chemically impregnated strips into the urine to determine the contents of the samples.

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Keep in mind, however, that not all urine tests are created equal. The standard urine test is typically for five main drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, and oxycodone.

Urine tests are becoming more sophisticated, as well. More companies are moving toward a 12-drug analysis that also looks for the presence of PCP and ecstasy, among other drugs. So, if you are concerned about testing positive for a particular drug, it would be safer to assume the test will screen for it.

Urine tests do not merely look for the presence of drugs, though. They test other factors related to the complexion of the urine to ensure the sample has not been tampered with or falsified. Many tests include results for pH, specific gravity, and temperature.

How Long is a Drug Detectable in the Body?

It depends. Many individual factors influence how long a drug stays in your system. For instance, single or small doses are less likely to be detected. Similarly, high metabolic rates, low body mass, good overall health, and youthfulness can also reduce the likelihood of detection.


THC (the chemical compound found in marijuana responsible for psychological effects) can stay a first-time user’s system for up to a week. If you smoke several times a week, THC will remain in urine samples anywhere from two weeks to two months; daily smokers will have THC present for up to three months. Check out the American Addiction Center’s guide for more information about how long other drugs stay in your system.

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Myths About the Urine Test

Before we tell you what you should do, it is important to tell you what you should not do. There is a lot of misleading—or straight-out incorrect—information on the web, and we want to make sure none of that misinformation leads you astray. That said, here are a couple of common myths about urine tests.

The most famous urban legend is that drinking a lot of water will help you pass. This idea is not accurate. Excessive consumption of water will dilute your sample and make you more likely to have to retake the test.

Similarly, cranberry juice is not a magic elixir. The cranberry juice will also only dilute your urine. Other myths include adding bleach or ammonia to your urine; using goldenseal is another useless method, one that actually debuted in 1900.

How to Pass a Self-Administered Urine Test?


Detoxification is the most common method. This strategy works best for people who are not frequent users and who have a bit of time to prepare before the urine test. While your body naturally detoxifies over time, you can speed up the process through exercise, water, and a healthy diet. These are important because they increase your metabolism, lower your water retention rate, and decrease your body fat content.

If time is working against you, consider combining your diet and fitness regimen with detox supplements. There are a variety of detox drinks and powders available that will mask the presence of certain compounds. A reputable detox product will ensure a passable sample without risk of dilution.

Freeze Your Pee

Freezing your pee is a valid strategy, especially for people tested frequently. The process is simple, and you can store multiple samples in your freezer from six months up to a year. The key is to properly thaw your pee an hour or two before the submission to ensure an accurate and passable sample.

There are a couple of things you should know if you do opt to freeze your urine. The single most important thing is to freeze the sample immediately. This action reduces the chance of any bacterial contamination denigrating your sample over time.

Second, once you thaw the sample, do not freeze it again. Thawing and refreezing your urine sample leaves it susceptible to degrading. Also, avoid microwaving your urine, as the high temperature can also corrupt the sample through the process of overheating.

Don’t Do Drugs

This is so obvious that we considered not even writing it. The truth is worth restating, though. The simplest and easiest way to beat a drug test with 100% confidence is to be completely clean whenever you provide your urine sample.

Final Thoughts

Taking a drug test can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing process. It doesn’t have to be, though. Taking the necessary precautions—such as detoxification, diet, and exercise—can increase your likelihood of passing a urine drug test, even if you smoked recently. If worse comes to worst and you need an alternative sample source, synthetic urine is a reliable option, too.

Check out our Quick Fix Synthetic website and blog for more tips!


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