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How to Keep Your Synthetic Pee Warm

Synthetic urine is becoming more of a reliable option in many cases. But how to keep pee warm?

As with real human urine, synthetic has to be in a specific temperature range when giving a sample or it will fail. Maybe storing your synthetic urine on your car’s dashboard on a hot day is what you had in mind. It’s probably not the best way, but in a pinch, it might work.

We have some additional methods that are tried and true options. The ways to keep your urine warm vary from slow and discrete to quick and not so private.

Whatever may arise, make sure to be prepared.

Had the munchies recently? Don’t sweat it! We can help.

How to keep your synthetic pee warm

Here are three ways how you can get your fake pee to the perfect urine temperature. Using these methods will make sure you don’t fail because the urine is too hot or cold.

How to use a microwave to warm fake urine


Not just for those burritos, you may be craving. But, that does sound delicious. Microwaving is a direct first step to initially and quickly bring the urine up to temperature. Follow these directions. Otherwise, you could easily overheat.

  1. Remove the cap of container and heat for 10 seconds.
  2. Replace the cap and give it a little shake to distribute the heat.
  3. Check the temperature either by a testing strip, which you can buy at any pharmacy or the temperature strips on the bottle.
  4. If the liquid isn’t in the safe zone of 90-99℉, microwave for 10 seconds, shake and repeat until you reach the desired temperature.

Be careful to only use 10-second increments as to not overheat the urine to an extreme temperature, which can destroy its validity. That would be bad. You heated it but didn’t use it? That’s okay! Synthetic urine can be reheated an unlimited amount of times during its shelf life.

Microwaving gives you the ability to get the sample to the perfect temperature. It can be tricky to keep private if you aren’t at home. But, it is the quickest.

Microwaving is a great option when you know when you’ll be using the fake pee and can prepare it ahead of time in the privacy of your kitchen.

Don’t have a microwave handy? Don’t worry! Keep on reading we have more options to share.

How to use hand warmers to keep your urine warm

Hand Warmers

Yes, those little packs you use to keep your hands warm in your pocket during those cold winter days can also be used to keep your fake urine warm. They can be bought at almost any sporting goods or grocery store, or it may come with your synthetic urine set.

They are a great option to keep urine warm because they are easy to carry around and use – they only require a quick shake and, BAM!, you have instant heat. Follow the directions on the package and strap to the urine container with a rubber band.

Make sure it’s on the opposite side of the temperature strip to keep an accurate recording. It can stay there as long as the packet is warm.

If you’ve already used a microwave, the packs will keep the pee at the right temperature for several hours. You can also use them to bring the urine from room temperature to that ideal 90-99℉. It will take about 45 minutes.

Most packs will keep your pee warm for a few hours. The ones that last the longest usually maintain the best temp. Always make sure to check the temperature before using your pee samples to ensure they are in the safe zone.

If hand warmers are too complicated for you, or you don’t know when exactly you will need the hand warmer, there is another way to keep the synthetic pee warm.

How to use your body heat to keep your urine warm

Body Heat

We all have a body, so this is the easiest and most discrete option. Also, the cheapest, which is awesome. You want to place it in the hottest area of your body.

I bet you can guess where that is (wink, wink). For males, that’s near the genitals or upper inner thigh. Just place in the underwear for easy carrying or purchase a Synthetic Urine Strap that holds the bottle.

You can also use your body heat at the same time to ensure a quicker heating process. Maybe doing some jumping jacks and lunges will help keep urine warm, too? Wouldn’t hurt!

Heating by body heat is the longest lasting option, but maybe not the most comfortable. It is also the most private and available option. You can wear it every day if needed. It will take the most time to heat up, so give yourself enough time for your body to do the work for you.

With all these choices, always follow the directions with the product, test the temperature before using it, and give it a good shake.

Shaking it provides those realistic bubbles you get in genuine human urine.

Keeping that all too precious pee at the right temperature is nothing complicated. You’ve got this! Thankfully there is a range of acceptable temperatures.

Microwave, hand warmers, or your body warmth, will all assist you with warming up your synthetic urine, whenever the need arises. How you keep your urine warm for a drug test is up to you, use one method or use all three!

Give them a try to see what you prefer and what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the correct temperature for urine when leaving the body?

Genuine human urine leaves the body at a temperature of around 94 to 96°F.

What temperature does urine have to be?

Between 90 to 100 F.

How do you keep someone else’s clean pee warm?

If you are using pee from a friend or relative then the same methods apply you can microwave it, use heating pad, body heat or a mixture of all three to keep pee warm.

However clean you believe this urine to be, you are taking more of a risk that’s why we advise using the safer option of synthetic urine.

Also, synthetic urine is stable at room temperature which means it is easier to get to normal body temperature using the methods we discussed. Real urine will start to form bacteria and get a cloudy appearance after a short time, there are too many variables to go wrong.


Now that you know everything about how to keep that sample ready for use, check out our Quick Fix 6.2 and Disposable Heating Pads. Grab some brownies and get to shopping. We’ve got your back.


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