Does Milk Thistle Work for Drug Test

Does Milk Thistle Work for a Drug Test?

Does Milk Thistle Work for Drug Test

A few confirmations have been discovered which source that milk thistle plant concentrates can be utilized to treat an assortment of afflictions, including liver illnesses. Milk thistle has some viable advantages on the liver that improves its capacities. Throughout the years, various researches and studies have discovered the impacts of milk thistle on liver wellbeing.

A shiny new revelation identified with milk thistle is that its pills can assist individuals with finishing a pee drug assessment. Indeed, you heard it right; milk thistle plant can make your drug test positive. There have been a few contentions and discussions on the adequacy of this plant-based methodology. Also, there are more spoilers that the supporters for milk thistle.

Even though it can’t be used as a complete strategy to breeze through the drug test, it can assist in accomplishing a progressively positive outcome. Before getting into how milk thistle is valuable for finishing a drug assessment and is it as compelling as it ought to be, you have to realize what milk thistle is.

What Is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle or silymarin is a flowering herb that originates from daisy and ragweed family. It is commonly developed in Mediterranean nations, and it is prevalently known as Mary thistle or holy thistle. The white veins found on the milk thistle are said to have caused when Virgin Mary’s milk fell onto the leaves.

Milk thistle is consistently suggested as a complementary treatment for individuals experiencing harmed liver brought about by conditions, for example, non-alcoholic greasy liver illness, alcoholic liver infection, liver malignancy, and hepatitis.

It’s additionally ordinarily used to treat a few liver-related ailments, including liver cirrhosis, ceaseless hepatitis, liver harm, and gallbladder issue.

Additionally, removes from this supernatural plant have been known to shield the liver from Amatoxin-a savage poison from the ‘passing top’ mushroom and which is known to cause extreme liver harm when ingested.

Psyche you, and it’s these various consequences for the liver that make Mary thistle a solution for finishing a pee tranquilize assessment.

What Are the Health Benefits?

Milk thistle is known to treat some liver illnesses. Hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, just as gallbladder related disarranges can be, to a great extent, restrained with milk thistle. There have been reports that milk thistle is likewise known to bring down cholesterol levels and help individuals who are experiencing type 2-diabetes.

Silymarin is the significant fixing present in milk thistle that makes this plant valuable to treat the liver issue and other extreme sicknesses. Not merely the liver, milk thistle is useful for a few different organs and frameworks in the body.

For the most part, this thistle plant is praised for its consequences for the liver. Milk thistle is even prescribed to the individuals who are experiencing the harmed liver because of excessive liquor utilization, liver disease, and hepatitis. Concentrates from the plant are additionally known to protect your liver from Amatoxin that originates from the top passing mushroom and causes liver harm.

Such several advantages on the liver make milk thistle a perfect method to finish a urine drug assessment.

Searching for Legal Way to Pass a Drug Test? Milk Thistle Might Help You

Individuals invariably will, in general, search for better approaches to breeze through their drug assessments. Utilizing engineered pee is positively the wrong way. Using THC detox is one of the comprehensive strategies to stay away from the drug test with no issue. There are a lot of detox units accessible in the market that are utilized to purge your framework and help finish a pee sedate assessment.

You can look over any of these items or go for progressively natural approaches to achieve the same results.

The strategy for finishing the drug assessment with milk thistle for the most part includes weakening. That implies you have to devour a ton of water. Milk thistle helps in decreasing the THC metabolites from your pee, which in the long run, builds the odds of passing the drug with no issue. It includes a gathering of dynamic fixings, i.e., silymarin, around 65% to 80%.

These fixings repress sedate utilizing proteins present in your liver, the CYP (cytochrome P450), and the UGT (uridine diphosphoglucuronic).

Understanding the UGT and CYP Enzymes

The UGT and CYP compounds are the essential chemicals that are engaged with the digestion of cannabinoids. As I have shown in another article, THC is used in 2 fundamental stages.

Stage 1 of this procedure includes the oxidation of the Active THC to its active metabolites 11-OH-THC and later to the inert THC-COOH. The CYP compounds finish this procedure.

The UGT catalysts assume control throughout the second stage, which is likewise called the glucuronidation procedure. As this name recommends, this stage includes adding a glucuronide atom to the idle THC-COOH metabolite.

The finished result of the glucuronidation procedure is THC-COO-glucuronide. Significantly, the glucuronide addition shows that these metabolites are prepared for discharge either through pee or bile juice.

What Happens When Milk Thistle Inhibits Activity of the Enzymes?

When the silymarin content in the milk thistle represses the movement of CYP compounds, it diminishes the pace of THC digestion. It likewise helps in hindering the procedure of glucuronidation. With this, not many THC-COO glucuronide metabolites will be discharged during the discharge of pee.

If the degree of THC-COOH metabolites is lower in the pee, at that point, you can, without much of a stretch, finish your drug assessment.

Scientific Evidence

Silymarin present in the milk thistle has been known to hamper the CYP chemicals’ movement for quite a while. It likewise debilitates the glucuronidation procedure to give clean chit to the drug test. It is very apparent that the liver is liable for the digestion of drugs, and it controls your drug test.

The analysts from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences School in Pennsylvania explored profound into the topic.

In the examination, the analysts plated hepatocytes taken from the human liver and put them on six plates that were covered with rodent tail collagen. Scientists estimated the arrangement of 6-beta (OH) testosterone on silymarin treated and untreated examples.

Milk Thistle for Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Test Using Milk Thistle?

  • Milk Thistle Extract Pills: These pills are the fastest and reliable way to pass your drug. You can avail them of any eCommerce site. There is no particular brand that works better than others. You just need to look for a milk thistle supplement with a THR logo in the product.
  • Vitamin B2: As you know, when taking a drug test, you need to drink a lot of water that increases the chance of diluting the urine sample and making it suspicious. So, you should take vitamin B2 pills to reduce the chances of a discolored urine sample.
  • Time: You need to wait for 24 hours for milk thistle to start its work and provide you a positive result.
  • THC Test Strip: Irrespective of when you are going to take the test, THC strips will give you the evidence that the milk thistle is working. So you can do a drug test at home with THC strips to get the result.

Milk thistle is a great way to pass the drug test. It helps in lowering the THC enzymes in the urine that helps in getting a positive result. If you are looking for the best way to pass a drug test without getting faulty, then you can try milk thistle as a part of your strategy.

How to Use Milk Thistle

The following steps provide you insights on how to use milk thistle effectively to pass a drug test.

Step 1: Abstain from the drug

Abstain from the drugs at least until you are through with the test. I bet I did not have to mention this, the last thing that you want to do when trying to skirt a test is to add more drugs into your system.

Step 2: Start Drinking a Lot of Water

The moment you are alerted of a possible urine drug test, start drinking water and peeing whenever you feel the urge to.

If you have a day, ensure that you finish at least 1 gallon of water spread evenly.

The essence of this is to remove as much THC metabolites from the body as possible.

Step 3: Take 2-3 Milk Thistle Pills per Day with Meals

Take a milk thistle pill with every meal totaling 3 pills each day. Most of these pills have milk thistle extract in the 150 -175mg range.

The clinically proven dosage of this supplement is 420mg spread evenly across the day and consumed 2-3 times.

This means that if you have less than a day to the test, you could ingest 2 pills at once without putting your life on the line.

Step 4: Test Yourself Regularly

Depending on the amount of time that you have to the test, you must keep testing yourself to determine whether the method is working.

Testing strips that give you an approximate value of the level of THC concentration in your urine make it easy to decide whether or not to change the dose of water and pills.

Step 5: On the Day of the Test

Wake up early, depending on the time that you are scheduled to take the test and start your daily cleansing regimen.

Start taking that day’s gallon of water plus a milk thistle tablet.

Note that you don’t need to change your morning routine.

Two hours to the test, swallow another milk thistle pill plus the vitamin B2 pill and continue drinking the remaining part of the gallon of water.

As these results demonstrate, taking a few pills of Holy thistle does inhibit the speed of the liver from metabolizing THC into THC-COOH metabolites that the lab’s test for.

This means that it can help in passing a urine drug test.

However, as you may have noted, this is technically a 2-in-1 method of passing a urine drug test.

It involves minimizing the creation and release of THC-COOH metabolites in urine as well as diluting the little amounts of these metabolites that may be present in the urine.

In my opinion, this not only increases your chances of beating the test by 2 folds, but it also makes it easy for everyone to pass a test even on short notice.

Remember that over-diluting your urine can land you in trouble, though.

This happens when you consume a lot of water without minding specific important urine values such as the creatinine and the specific gravity levels.

For this reason, we recommend Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 Plus and a Synthetic Urine Heating Pad to pass a urine drug test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Milk Thistle Help In Detoxing Cannabis?

Although milk thistle minimizes the number of THC metabolites available for detection in the urine, remember that it does not boost detoxification. In any case, it does the opposite.

The fact that it negatively affects the way the CYP and UGT enzymes remove THC from the body means that it will prolong the detoxification process.

Milk Thistle Method Involves Drinking Copious Amounts Of Water, Isn’t It Simply The Dilution Method?

The water in this method boosts your chances of beating the test by diluting any available THC-COOH metabolites in the urine to below the cut-off levels.

Will Exercising Before The Test Make It Hard To Pass Using The Milk Thistle Method?

There is an ongoing rumor that exercising before the test could make it hard for you to pass a urine test.

Technically, there is some sense in this claim. THC is highly lipophilic, i.e., highly soluble in fat.

As you exercise, the fat-stored THC is released into the plasma as the fat cells get burned for energy.

Worth mentioning, however, is that what is released are the THC molecules, not the THC-COOH, which labs test for.

Also, studies show that the increased levels of THC in the blood plasma only lasts for 2 hours.

So, NO, exercising won’t ahead of a test affect the results of a urine drug test immediately.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can use milk thistle to help you pass your drug test. However, you have to follow all the necessary steps and procedures. Remember, this herbal product does not work instantly but tykes some time for results to show up. So, if you’ve been wondering whether milk thistle might be the natural product to help you pass your drug test, yes, it is.


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